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[12.08.19] Video - T-ara "Roly Poly + Day by Day" @ SBS MTV The Show 120814


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Huh, I thought the ROK Army replaced those uniforms completely with the new digital (and cooler) camo uniforms already...ah well, having an army of 600k+, I guess that kinda stuff takes time.

But anyways, guess it's good to see Boram getting out there more (if anything, she stood out a bit than usual) although Soyeon seemed a bit breathless for some reason >__>

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Project Saving T-ara Commence!

Our saving T-ara operation begins here. After much discussion we have decided to compile a DVD and a Photo book for T-ara. But to top it off, we as the owners of Asiakore will put in our very own secret gifts as well. To all who wish to contribute and participate in this project, please follow the information below.

Main Staff

Project Manager:
Cypher Wolf

Graphics Designer:
Cypher Wolf

Video Editor:
Cypher Wolf

King Mean

Physin Kite

(Currently needed)

Digital Submissions:

(4 minutes at the longest per videos)

Show your love for T-ara with a message of encouragement.

Cover of their songs.

Dance routine.

Or a showcase of your support with T-ara’s product you purchased.

A picture of yourself with T-Ara's product or simply a picture of anything that will show your love for T-ara.

Physical Submissions:

Give T-ara some nice words in hand written form.

Your drawing of T-ara.

For these submissions please send them to our P.O. Box below:

Mean Mon

P.O. Box 90578

Portland, OR 97290


You may donate to help with this project by clicking

Method of Submissions:
(Yes you may submit in more than one things.)

To submit us your videos and photos, upload them to any third party file sharing site and message us the link with information, such as your name and where you’re from that you may wish to display on your videos or photos.

Or, you can email the link to us at

Let's show T-ara you care.

Any questions that you may have, please feel free to ask. Thank you.

We will compile a list of submitted names for references along with the progress of this project in the future.


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