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[12.08.30] Video HD - T-ara's "Sexy Love" music video teaser


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I have no idea why I keep on smiling. Even if I meet haters on the street and start hurling curses, I'd be like DGAF. In fact, I won't be able to notice them.

I can bet everyone has a smile more permanent than the Joker's right now. :) A pure and happy smile (cause we all know T-ARA IS BACK!!!).

T-ARA [is] FIGHTING [in the best way possible]. :lol:

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I am really excited to see them again.

I love the concept and I love what I have seen so far in the teaser.

I'm not exactly a fan of the dance yet for now since I have not seen the whole thing, so I won't judge it yet.

Anyway, I really hope this would top the music charts and be a big hit.

I want to see the full MV, also the drama MV.

I am also curious how Day and Night will sound.

I mean because of Star Life Theater we have heard the preview of Sexy Love.

But for Day and Night, all I know is that it's a ballad.

I really hope they have a perfectly valid explanation about the "7st" if they won't change it.

I am optimistic about the outcome of Mirage and their comeback performances.

I really hope that the public will respect and love them again.

I hope those who will view this video will push the like button so we can decrease the dislike percentage bar.

While many people are saying that this comeback is way too soon...

All I can say is... perhaps yes, but we can't do anything...

It's already here, so let's just enjoy the music and let's just support them.

Let's all have faith, let's all be optimistic.

T-ara Fighting!

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omo..omo..cute..gorgeous..hehe..they still release the drama version of music video, right..they all robot or doll..awesome..hehe..i like it..i love it..when will they release the music video..this is beyond my imagination..coming out from box then dance..hehe..can't wait any longer..t-ara is the best..hwaiting..what else i can say..i love t-ara..

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Ah. *sees teaser* *favorites* *sets loop* *spends rest of day listening/watching teaser over and over again*

Qri looks amazing. The green hair now looks really cool on her and makes her look like an anime character, except cooler, because it's Qri. I can't wait to see the entire music video! Gah... ;_; it's killing me waiting for it.

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