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[12.09.06] T-ara completes M!Countdown comeback recording, "Because of controversy, opening stage was cut"


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I'm glad they completed the comeback recording.

I'm not surprised anymore that they had to cut the Little T-ara performance.

I'm starting to get used to all these cut offs/cancellations. Ugh, Korean society.

It's just sad that they had to cancel what those Little T-ara have already practiced.

Hard work down the drain again because of those netizens.

So does that mean there would be no more MV featuring Little T-ara to be released next week?

Excited to see the release of the new MV today featuring cover dances from fans of different countries.

Excited to watch the broadcast of their comeback in M!Countdown this afternoon/tonight.

T-ara Fighting! :)

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Even though I wasn't a fan of the idea of "Little T-ara" performing with them, I think that they should have continued with that plan now that they already announced it. I'm worried that "Little T-ara" will feel crushed after getting their hopes up that they will perform with T-ara. Won't evil netizens have even more bad stuff to say? (Example: "T-ARA IS SO EVIL! THEY GOT THOSE LITTLE KIDS' HOPES UP AND THEN DISAPPOINTED THEM")

I also feel like it's showing weakness.

Correct me if I'm wrong.


Oh was it CCM's decision to cut "Little T-ara" or MuBank's decision? I accidentally assumed it was CCM's.

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Won't evil netizens have even more bad stuff to say? (Example: "T-ARA IS SO EVIL! THEY GOT THOSE LITTLE KIDS' HOPES UP AND THEN DISAPPOINTED THEM")

you exactly got it .. i've read some comments blaming t-ara for "cutting" the kids in their comeback BUT HELLO !! AREN'T YOU NETIZENS/HATERS ARE THE ONES AGAINST IT IN THE FIRST PLACE?? FOR GOODNESS SAKE GROW UP!! SO ANNOYING ..

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Let's make this clear, . . .

Firstly, announcing that the children were going to perform is so definitely "not" a controversy to begin with, "unless those who still dislike T-ara believes it to be so". I'm sure that I wasn't alone in thinking that it was a "good idea" to demonstrate some support for the girls, and that children too, are also a part of the T-ara fandom. I read about the whole "body shields", the outrageous adult insanities, and other unproven business aspects that doesn't make any sense about these children's performance.

Secondly, they're children. The people against T-ara just inflict a very spiteful, and quite public, insult towards "children". Does anyone know if it was the children's decision to perform to this T-ara song? Because I'm pretty sure these children wasn't "forced" to do this, unless someone has proof to back that claim that they were.

Thirdly, it's understandable that there's a measure of concern about the song title and the children's performance. However, it's a "robot dance", and their choreography can change to be "acceptable", as other groups have done before. I'm most certain that the staff members of the program are well aware that it's quite possible for these children to perform this song without causing any alarms whatsoever.

Finally, the whole issue with T-ara earlier is "done" after they all apologized. The only thing that is left, is for Hwayoung to reunite with T-ara. Why hurt these children? It does not make any sense whatsoever. I sincerely hope that someday, these children have the opportunity to perform on stage. Who knows, maybe the next huge idol hit in the future of K-Pop is going to be one, or some, of these kids.

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Found on lovet-ara tumblr

[Fan acc] Today T-ara comeback @ MCD

-MCD pre-recording is just over

-One Queen’s said All members were beautiful and looked so good actually at sight.

-At the begining, they said to Queen’s”Thank u for coming.” and SY waived her hands many times. JY answered whenever Someone called her.

-Areum bowed bow deeply at the waist to Queen’s

-Is is said today T-ARA appearance was splendid ans All Queen’s shouted. When over, they waived hands. Waited till they wore other dress. they come again on the stage with other dress, we said just”WOW”

-MCD comeback stage Fantastic! 60 Queen’s, 0 Anti. Tara looked very happy by Queen’s support. Sang One song 2 times.So beautiful on the stage

-T-ara looked like real Dolls. great choregraphy. Looked really happy with Fans. Sexy love recorded with 2 different outfits.

-Day and night will be pre-recorded at 13:40(KRT)

-Most of all, Tara looked so much happy today.

-EJ and JY bowed politely to the recording staff. Today EJ looked gorgeos. Lost slightly some weight, prettier than before. smiled and cute.

cr: shawnkang731204


I feel cry. T-ara Fighting. Sexy love Fighting.

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Found on diademyeonism tumblr.

[Fan account]About today recording

1.At the begining, they said to Queen’s”Thank u for coming.” and SY waved her hands many times. JY answered whenever Someone called her.

2. fans were not allowed to raise their balloons and placards at the pre recording

3. Over 50 fans were at the prerecording and there were 4 caucasians too

4. hyomin and jiyeon had the most fans there at the prerecording, but hyomin was not very interactive today

5. Jiyeon was the most active & responded to everyone who called her. a male fan called areum and jiyeon even responded.. everyone laughed

6. Eunjung looked happy and bright today and she bowed in a girly way to the fans when they called out to her.ji copied jung and jung even corrected her(EunJi!!♥ :D)

7. Chinese fan said she worried the most about eunjung because she was hurt the most, but she felt relieved to see her happy and cute today

8. both outfits appeared in the MV, the first one was black, the second one was red.

9. the fan said jiyeon was the most active today, she greeted the fans as they were waiting for them to change outfits as well!

10. here were also student fans in uniforms and also uncle fans in suits at the prerecording today

11. when fans called to soyeon, she would smile and wave

12. there was also a male areum fan who only yelled areum’s name throughout the whole recording..

13. Qri quietly discussed the performance with Boram

14. Fans were really loving because when people only chanted jiyeon and hyomin’s name, they would also chant the other members’ names as well


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I think is the best the little girls didn´t go on stage, I´m sorry for them, sure they were so happy to do it, but this was a BAD idea from the begining.

KKS is stupid, how can he bring more controversy to T-ara when the group is under the focus and every movement, word, photo etc is examined in detail? And how can he even think for a song called "SEXY" LOVE, is appropiate to bring little girls ?(I´ve always think KKS ia a pedophile)

maybe Music bank was canceled because they didn´t want to be in the middle of controversy because of the little girls on stage and it was a good pretext if they are coward to show T-ara.

Well i´ve read everything was fine, they were fantastic, but this is just prerecorded with fans, the big test will be live stage, but the girls can do it and i hope KKS doesn´t insist with the little t-ara.

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This is really unfair to the kids that have practiced so hard, perhaps a better strategy was to make the kids appearance as a surprise, why oh why did CCM had to announce it before hand? Anyway, thanks so much for the fan accounts, I was really worried for their first comeback... but I am really happy that the girls were happy.

Oh yeah guys if you have time join in Mnet's M Countdown online Pool:


Global fan votes are worth 5% in deciding rank standings! No sexy love yet.. though :P

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Actually, I'm more disappointed that Day and Night (which is a ballad song) won't be performed by T-ara. I was hoping it be like Cry Cry (Ballad Version) before Cry Cry or Don't Leave before Day By Day. And that is more upsetting for me as a fan :| Not that I disagree with Ahreum, Shannon and the other one. It's just that I don't see the logic why it is included at T-ara's album and promoted as one song at T-ara's album when it wasn't like that before :| I feel sorry for the kids though. I'm sure they practiced hard. And also for someone who had the "Little T-ara" idea~

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Aw I was looking forward to seeing little t-ara

It's really unfair that netizens are treating them wrongly because of the rumours that have been said many times that are not true

But I'm so very happe that the girls are facing this with their heads heals high and are coming back

Which I cannot wait seriously sexy love has been stuck in my head since it was released

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