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[INFO]Black Ocean.


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just to ask,

what is the meaning of black ocean?

isit something bad? :o

Well yeah, you know how when you have a sea of lights it means the crowd is support you and is happy.

But when it is a black ocean basically no one cares / is into the music..

Which is a result of rumors/scandals/or anything bad basically.

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It has nearly a month since the big controversy surrounding the popular idol group T-ara began. The girls have officially made their comeback to the K-pop scene with weekly music programs as well as a recent concert appearance.

T-ara attended the ‘2012 World Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources‘ concert in Jejudo Islands held on September 8th.

Other artists such as BoA, SHINee, 2AM, Wooyoung, ZE:A, EXO-K, Nine Muses, and A Pink also attended and put on stunning performances.

However, during T-ara’s performance some fans retaliated by turning their glow-stick off which was followed by a silent protest.

Meanwhile on September 18th, T-ara will be in Hong Kong for a documentary showcase.

Source: x Sports News via Naver

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This got everyone in the shoutbox into a depressed frenzy (lol irony) last night. So, assuming that it was true...

Okay, we feel bad for the girls. But we the fans can't--and shouldn't--dwell on this for long. It's becoming pointless. A scandal has occured, got worse because the issue was (to say the least) mismanaged, and some "fans" turned their backs on the girls. Unfair, I know, but this kind of bad news we have to anticipate, endure, and shrug off our shoulders. It's not yet the end of them.

Speaking of which, they'll be making foreign appearances days, weeks from now. Instead of dwelling in the sour news, maybe it's time the fans show the girls that they're not yet done.

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Nowhere near a black ocean but rather,a black dot or black puddle,instead.

I heard that there was no light stick at all to begin with or even if there was,only a small amount of fans had it.Rumors saying that there was a silent protest and fans did not cheer them up during the performance but so far,I have yet to watch nor find any video regarding this so-called black ocean.But on a bright side,black ocean can be worse than this.I bet most of you know about a black ocean who happened to the most popular girl group today back in 2008.That was scarier.

All I could ever think of is their safety.I'm glad there's nothing bad happened to them.

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it's no use denying that k-fans still haven't moved on from t-ara case. to make it worse (imo), is that this silent protest isn't something planned beforehand (unlike snsd ones back then in 2008 dc). there're many issues about them, but kks way of resolving is really "brutal" for me. he just shoved off those rumors like nothing and pull out some media play stints, with their media disregarding other gg. how hard is that for kks let them to take a break for good before moving again? they're not the only celebrities entangled in scandal, but they're probably got the worst company handling it for them. i still like t-ara, as a person they deserve much better treatment, but what the company did with them right now only making things worse imo. maybe if they're venturing out to overseas they'll get better treatment, well, good luck then......

anyway, anyone know when will t-ara contract with ccm ends?

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^ dream concert 2012 was held on may 12th, we need to wait another year for another dream concert. probably the hate bandwagon is over by then.

That is assuming that T-ara doesn't get whacked wht another big scandal on a scale on par with what occurred last month. The sad thing is, they're just really prone to being hit with some really unfortunate events for an idol group.

I did hear that their contracts (not for everyone but likely a lot of them) are supposed to end at some point next year or so though.

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Black ocean?! Really?! Come on please! From the pictures I've seen and fancams I've watched, this is just another case of the media (including netizens) blowing the situation out of proportion. Yeah some of the people watching turned off their glowsticks, but the article made it seem like it was done by the masses. People should really choose their words wisely, because unfortunately, there are way too many people that are easily persuaded/convinced without seeking the truth for themselves.

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Hmm, was it a black ocean or wasn't it? I can't tell since people are saying different things. But honestly :( I feel sad for T-ara but we don't know what happened, we can only hope there wasn't any bullying in T-ara but we can never know.

I understand if people would pull a black ocean on them if the rumors are true.

But, however. I do not think it was a black ocean since I read that there wasn't at many light sticks etc during the concert.

And also if you compare this "black ocean" with the one for SNSD this is nothing, sorry it might be an unpopular opinion BUT SNSD didn't do anything to "deserve" a black ocean.

People thing that T-ara are bullies.

- -

Please do not get me wrong. I do not think T-ara are bullies I hope with all my heart that they are not. I hope they are strong enough to overcome the rumors.

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