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[12.12.05] T-ara reveals their favorite T-ara songs and ideal types in haru*hana magazine


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Ideal types? Lol at that. People end up with those who are different from themselves. You'd even hear "he/she isn't even your type, why you two ended up together?"

How come the other 5 didn't have answers to q6?

Only Sso and Boram are Christians, the rest are Buddhist if I remember correctly.

Sso says she bought an inn in a forest, she bought an inn in a forest (far, far, far away from PH).

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Sorry guys, but Soyeon has obviously revealed that her ideal type is me.

5. A ring bought in Japan, a hat, an inn in a forest. I would also like 1 or 2 accessories.

Soyeon bought an inn? I want to stay in that inn!

6. I have always overlooked my family household, so this year I want to have a party with my friends. Soyeon's Christmas Party. In this party there will be music, food, Kimaru, and me and my friends.

Please invite me!

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So glad to see that half the girls also prefer the same song as me (Like the first time). This was, in fact, the song that piqued my interest about T-ara in the first place. I find it quite an underappreciated song.

Incedentally, Bye Bye is probably the only T-ara song that I often skip. But I can understand it hold sentimental value for them.

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After reading all our girls are just like other normal teens too,who only

wants to have fun when they are on dates^^

Everybody likes Like The First Time song.Its one of the best song.

Qri wae do you buy so many pair of shoes..lol xD

Anyway thanks for sharing!!

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1. Bye Bye. While we were training, it was the first song given to us. I'm happy that it's put in this album.

2. I like a hard working person who wouldn't let me down.

3. I want to walk through the city and watch a movie.

4. Even though it's an un-matching style, - cut and high heels, I want to try it out anyways because it's winter.

5. I'm not interested but - my mother always - my mother's style is better than me (smile). Before she bought this for me.

Jiyeon :wub:

always funny and cute answers for the question :rolleyes:

ahh, thank you very much ^^ is it accurate?

very accurate ...

thanks friend :)

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