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[13.01.11] Video - T-ara @ Hanyru Fondue


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1st question is abt complexity.

Areum: Is a maknae but no aegyo.

Hyo: cant sleep at night.

Ji: her _______is weak. (which you can see Boram and others protesting ..LOL)

Eunjung: Smtg about time off with her family or smtg..

Qri: Boyfriend.

The rest need to wait for subs.. ><

and dang Qri's ending speech shocks everyone including me. xD

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Hyomin said she was having hard time sleeping and she herself dont know the reason. In addition to that, she said she wanted to slove the complicated things and have a new start. Was she taking about the scandal they had??

About Jiyeon mentioning about cutting off her hair and how she thought it suited her and other members adding how she looked doll alike in SL, I disagree. I liked Jiyeon's pervious look.

My love Jungiee, I just love you. But Seriously, Ahreum has no charms or aegyo. And Qri wanting to have a boyfriend, yeah I too think Qri and Boram should date now. But lol at Boram, she is already worried about her marriage and wondering who will take her.

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They're so cute <3 Soyeon is so good at japanese! Hyomin and her moon walk haha, so cool, and Areum's robot dance, that was great! I really really love Jiyeon with bangs, she looks so beautiful. Eunjung, Qri and Boram were just as adorable as always~

I'm really glad that they look all happy, I'm sure 2013 will be a better year for our girls :)

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