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[OFFICIAL] T-ara Subunit Concept Photo - Jiyeon (04/10)


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Wow, that's quick. We've just talked about the rumour about Hyomin shopping outfits for the sub-unit and today we already get to see the concept a photo. This is going to be a hot sub-unit. I still remember those big neck chains they wore when they performed IGCBOY, and you could hear the clanging noise when the metal pieces of the chains hit one another when they danced. For me, that noise adds power to their perfs. I hope they could come up with a cool and edgy concept this time.

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She looks so freaking gorgeous with that style I DONT EVEN!

I love that hair on her and the eyes *____________* seriously my fangirl's heart can't handle thiiiiis! 2 days till April 12th; I can't wait!

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Oh my god, that staaaareee :ph34r: lol

I wished her bangs would be darker-colored though.

I agree.Darker-coloured like the one in I Go Crazy Because of You suits her very well.Her bangs doesn't suit her very well too.I'd prefer side fringe hair or none at all.And it not necessary to wear those contact lens.Her natural lens are fierce enough to flush down haters like in Day by Day.

Gosh,too many complaints T_T I hope Ms. Rilakkuma Addict, 4D Hyominnie and New Maknae can pull it off nicely.

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