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[13.04.25] T-ARA N4 "전원일기" Teaser 2 & 3 (Drama Ver)


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O my goodness, can our girls be any prettier?!! At last when I thought they tried every possible style, coreograhy, here they are dressed like country girls and again NAILED IT!!! The teaser is epic, this is definitely going to be a hit. Already love T-ara N4!

Just want add - as awful management as CCM can be, they still make the best music in the world!

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4 more torturous days.... whheeww....

..T-ara always have me surprised when they make comebacks like this :) ..

at first *what's with that dance?*.. then after this... ahhhh... that's why,, it's matched together with the song :)

whhoaaa,,, i feel like dancing also.. waahhaha... sssoooo catchy B)

they all look so dorky on the drama ver.. XD it's very interesting :)

T-ara N4 hwaiting~!

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