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[13.06.10] T-ara, 5dolls, SPEED, and THE SEEYA to form a project group together


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[13.06.10] T-ara-5dolls-SPEED-THE SEEYA to form a project group together


T-ara, THE SEEYA, 5dolls and SPEED have formed a project group to release a digital single together.

According to Core Contents Media, T-ara's Soyeon, THE SEEYA's Yoojin and 5dolls' Eunkyo as well as SPEED's Taewoon and Sungmin will all come together for the project album "Tears of mind". Their digital single "Painkillers" is a ballad with an intense rap and melody.

"Painkillers" is composed by Cho Youngsoo and was written and arranged by Double Sidekick. It has an addictive melody but a sorrowful melody with a dramatic rap piece. It was written about a dramatic breakup and the feelings two lovers felt afterwards.

The music video will star T-ara member Jiyeon. It will be directed by the well-known director Hong Wonki. Jiyeon will be taking a role of a lover and showing the bittersweet pain of parting with a lover.

"Painkillers" will be released on June 10th at 12:00 KST.


Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130610n09012

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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Wow so excited! These kinds of radio-friendly, emo hip-hop ballads always do SO well in Korea, so I hope that this one follows suit. If it had been released pre-scandal it would be a shoe-in for No.1 (just like T-ara and Davichi's "We Were In Love") but now I'm not so sure.

Look at the top five top selling songs for this year. Two of the five are hip-hop ballads with male/female combo..

Songs with over 100 million DAs:

1. Psy - Gentleman: 211,154,800 [8/8]
2. BaeChiGi ft. Ailee - Shower of Tears - 197,471,831 [20/20]
3. Sistar19 - Gone Not Around Any Longer - 196,758,397 [18/18]
4. LeeSsang (ft. Yoojin of The Seeya) - Tears - 186,409,271 [19/19]
5. Huh Gak (ft. Yoo Seung Woo) - Monodrama - 181,825,270 [19/19]

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This is exciting for Soyeon and Jiyeon! I can't believe it's coming out pretty much right now, what a nice surprise.

The only negative is that Eunkyo was involved in an actual bullying scandal, wasn't she? I hope netizens don't bring that up to use against 2yeon =\

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Haven't heard any song yet from Duble Sidekick that I didn't like.. and more Soyeon & Jiyeon is a good thing :D

Hopefully CCM will follow-up this colaboration by pushing The Seeya, 5Dolls & SPEED more.. I don't know much about 5doll's new line-up but The Seeya has a beautiful sound & SPEED is one of the very very very few boybands that have songs I actually like.. ('It's Over' was awesome)

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a glorious collaboration between family members.. i wish davichi would have joined also but nevertheless.. :D

ahhhh.. now i remember that composer Cho Young soo.. the one who wrote Cry Cry, Day by Day, etc.. and especially my ever favorite "Dont Leave".. whooo~ Im very much excited about this..

if this would be a dramatic sad song then Soyeon would be perfect for this with her soulful voice.. good choice :) and Jiyeon, her acting... *faint* this is great news:) thou i wish she won't cry (breaks me heart) but I think i can't be helped specially when the theme is breakup :P

11:15am here.. means the video were probably released by now... gonna check :) This sudden news makes my heart jump in joy :) thanks :)

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Watched the Music Video the minute it was released~ ^.^

Great Vocals combination,especially Soyeon and SEEYA's Yoojin vocals,simply Heavenly!

Lyrics were simple yet fits nicely into the melody which intrigue the strong feelings of breaking up, adding on with a rap that enhances the groove of the song.

Together with the realistic acting skills of Dino Jiyeon, had me in goosebumps through out the M/V especially the scene where Jiyeon puked blood and then swept off all the dishes from the table and threw the bottle of poison to the mirror cracking it.

Very emotional music video, very well done with great producers, directors and staff.T-ara and CCM Hwaiting! Continue to surprise us with more productions! By the way it left me with teary eyes~ T.T Thumbs up!!

As expected from, Core Contents Media, they have the ability to deliver their theme/concept exceptionally well through Music Videos.

Most of all, Soyeon had this chance to further prove her strong and beautiful vocals!

The only thing that i wasn't really satisfied with, was the length and contents for the Music Video itself, as i felt that it could be filled with more scenes to further develop it into a better story line with more casts of actors or celebrities/singers.

All these are just my P.O.V please do not bash me up for it! >.<

What do you fellow Queen's think about the music video?

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Well this has without a doubt potential. Now i really want to see it. It's nice to see the groups under CCM coming together for a project like this. I also agree that this is a great chance for Soyeon to showcase her powerful vocals.

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Oh ok, 1 day away from Diadem and look what I came back to... what a treat!

And having watched the MV first before reading this, now wonder I kept saying that this song can't be sung by all those groups' members LOL. Apparently, only 1-2 from each group.

And CCM never fail in collab song. Like ProphetBlog said, this would make a radio friendly song, which means airplay, which means popularity. Would even be a lot more awesomer if performed live.

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I watched the music video, and I have to say, it is amazingly well put together. The beautiful vocals and laid back raps from this collaboration with Soyeon, Yoojin, Eunkyo, Taewoon, and Sungmin, matched so well with Jiyeon's acting performance. The settled and classic opening mood has a nice steady build and emotional withdrawal from beginning to end, despite the pause breaks for Jiyeon's acting which fills in more feeling and presence to help express the lyrics and overall visual portrayal of the titled song. The storytelling is incredible, as expected from them, and always shows potential for a sequel, or just leave it as it is. I won't mind having a part 2, or part 3, even a part 4 to this music video with more internal collaborations in Core Contents Media, given how well received previous storytelling music videos were and still are today. I am certain that there are many combinations amongst T-ara, 5dolls, The SeeYa, Gangkiz, Davichi, and Speed that can be elaborated and swelled up to open more avenues to remedy other aspects in and about this project. Another great job Core Contents Media. :D

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Great acting skills from Jiyeon :) . That said, I don't really support the ending although I suppose to make it so to make the video more dramatic...
Anyway it would have been great if there was Davichi too ^^
Maybe there could be another collab/project between Davichi and other members of T-ara again (hopefully) :P

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