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[COVER] T-ara Target Type B Cover (06/14)


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T-pirates? I'll surrender without a fight. I like this cover more than the one in which they have devil horns and pitchforks with the big bulleye behind. I like to see them in those devil costumes but the background of that cover looks so cheap.

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One Piece! (no double meaning reference here :P)

"So, you wanna be my friend?" What would your answer be if T-ara asks this question? Mine is obvious. :D

What's next, head protectors and hakama? Okay, I'll stop with the manga/anime-ish references. -_-

But, I do like their covers for Target (maybe because it being manga/anime looking). They are cute and still recognizable. And I do hope Target does well, even if it seems to be an interim single. :)

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