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[TWITTER] Qri's Twitter Update (06/29)


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aww Qri show us your beautiful eyes! We have plenty of pictures with you wearing sunglasses! You are with them in almost every airport picture! :(

Oh and her message says this:

"To my dear people of Qulwang! So you can definitely gain strength for today's T-ara.fans.championship I'm blowing a sun kiss to you^.~"

cre: @_transbot

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Aren't we observant, aye? :D Yes she's in a hotel room and she's wearing the same dress (top) she wore during the recent 3 day tour in Japan. Also her hairstyle resembles the one she had over the last day in that tour. Check her other latest selca pictures, she has different hairstyle in them :)

So yeah if I'm correct, then I believe this picture was taken in one of Tokyo hotel rooms between 9th and 10th of June :D

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