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[INFO] T-ara member colors


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In Japan it's common for each member of a group to be associated with a color. These colors are usually showcased in concert goods, fans tend to bring a certain color glowstick at concerts to show support for their fave member etc.

Each ver of the solo Bunny Style discs came in a different color and they all match with the recently released TARGET cards


Soyeon's disc was red, Boram's yellow etc. So I think it's safe to say EMI will start to incorporate these member colors into more things :)

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Could possibly have used the girls' own favorite colors. Yellow is well known to be Boram's favorite color. Jiyeon has stated to liking blue and Soyeon gold red.

Eunjung once said she likes bright colors, Hyomin said the color she chooses depends on her moods, as for Qri, unsure.

That's interesting though. Didn't know they did that in Japan. :o

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