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Hi QUEEN'S! I hope you are enjoying T-ara's first comeback in Korea in over a year and with their old line-up. It's an exciting time not only for QUEEN'S, but for Diadem members too (I hope you are liking the first days of DiademTV and T-error Adventures if you've tried it!) We have a lot of stuff we want to introduce to our members to bring our fandom closer and make supporting T-ara even more fun than it already is.

Are you following Diadem on Instagram yet?

If you aren't I won't say anything mean this time because you aren't missing out on that much yet.. but you will soon be missing out on a lot! We are going to be working hard on transforming our Instagram into a place for uniting QUEEN'S to meet other QUEEN'S and become inspired.

Do you want to be featured on Diadem's Instagram?

Do you have a special talent in art - drawing or Photoshop, GIFs? Do you have an amazing T-ara collection? Are you able to perform T-ara's songs - dancing, singing, or maybe on piano? Or maybe you can remix them? Or maybe you don't have any of these, but you have to have a favorite T-ara picture or video at the very least!

Now is the best time to share your talents, your collections, or your taste in T-ara's pictures! Every week, we are going to feature one person's picture/video that they share on Instagram on our own Diadem account. It could be anything listed above, but it doesn't have to be just one of those. You can also post as many pictures as you want on your Instagram, but there's two conditions you have to follow if you want to be featured.

How do I get featured on Diadem's page?

There are only two very simple conditions you have to follow to be featured! Number one is you must be following @diademforums on Instagram. Number two is you must use the #HASHTAG that we vote on! Number nine is.. JK!

Condition number two is unclear right now, but I can tell you that you must tag your posts on Instagram with a specific #hashtag so that Diadem's staff can see your post. We will announce the hashtag once we decide on one.. but we haven't decided on a hashtag yet! We wanted to choose a really good and creative one, so we want QUEEN'S to leave your suggestion in the comment for the best hashtag to use for tagging T-ara pictures.

You can post your suggestion for the hashtag in the comments, and on October 18th, we will open a vote to vote for the best hashtag to use.

Do you want to meet other QUEEN'S?

Yeah, I'm sure you met a lot of QUEEN's through Diadem already or through Twitter, but what about QUEEN'S who share the same bias as you? Or interests as you besides just loving T-ara? Or who are from the same country as you? OMG again now you have a chance!

Being the #1 international source for T-ara and QUEEN'S, we want to unite and connect QUEEN'S across the world together and we hope this will help us make a step to accomplish that.

Every Wednesday on our Instagram, we are going to post a simple question that you can reply to that will hopefully help you find other QUEEN'S you have stuff in common with. Just a quick example, we could ask "Who is your bias?" and then you could find other Jiyeon-biases or Qri-biases.

Are there restrictions for pictures/videos in order to be featured on Diadem's page?

Nope, not really any restrictions at all. Just make sure your pictures are appropriate. You can post a picture/video of one member, or two, or all. You can post basically anything T-ara related and you can have a chance to be featured.

You might wonder how we will re-post an Instagram video on our page, but don't worry about that ;) We have our ways...

Suggestions for our Instagram

We want to update our Instagram just as much as our website and our Twitter and our Facebook.. but Instagram is different from those websites! Our Instagram is still Diadem, but we want to post different things besides just updates and news on it. So we want your suggestions on what we should post on it!

We are trying to do Throwback Thursdays (Thursdays) and featuring a QUEEN's post once a week (day undecided) and a question game for QUEEN's to meet other QUEEN's (Wednesdays)... but what else can we do? As well as your suggestion for the #hashtag, please leave your suggestion for what Diadem should post on our Instagram!

I hope you're as excited for this as I am because I know it'll be a lot of fun! Please leave comments if you have any questions. Actually, please just comment a lot on this topic. And you better leave some suggestions like I mentioned earlier :)

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got the #hashtag suggestion yet?

well i just read this post so how about.....

#fun_tiaradiadem ?

#with_tiaradiadem ?

#tiaradiadems_time ?

#hello_tiaradiadems ?

#diadem_worldwide ?

or you can remove all the " _ "

or use "diadem" only (ex : "#hellotiaradiadems" / "#diademworldwide" )

that's my suggests B)

youre first to suggest!! thanks for so many! XD

Sounds great! hahah I'm so shy with this things but maybe I'll do! :) hahaha

aw dont be shy about it! queen's is a nice and supportive fandom!

Wow this sounds so exciting. I like the way tiaradiadems has grown over the years, its amazing !!

I cant wait, i already followed diadem on insta ~

Tiaradiadems and Queen's hwaiting ~

yay im glad u already follow us >: ) and yep.. we want to keep growing!

Man I fought so hard not to get an Instagram. My argument is that everything I do on Instagram can already be done on my Twitter.

oh i know what you mean. i had it but never used it because i thought it was redundant, but it's actually not. ive been using it more since the beginning of the year.. its funner in some ways - i enjoy it more than twitter a lot of times. its better especially if you like visuals i think and it focuses more on the image than the words. it's fun, u just have to follow the right people like you do on twitter!

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What a great idea for all of us around this small, yet United world of T-ARA!!!👑

Talent?....well, I have about 24,000+++ photos of T-ARA on 3 hard drives and a decent Collection?! Nothing near "asian_kisses" or "ZK"!!!! But, respectable! 😎

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