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[COVER] Number 9 Japanese Version Covers (10/24)


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I'm definitely buying the christmas version :D

Don't think I'll buy the rest though, too pocket-burning for a student hahahaha. Also, is it just me or are their Japanese albums always more expensive? :blink:

Yes, their Japanese albums always more expensive. T^T

I have pre-ordered regular edition and the Korean ver. Can't wait to get my copies! :D

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I'm debating the xmas version.

The nonstop party mix sounds great but I bought the SNSD nonstop mix and that doesn't get a lot of play time from me. :/

Really the only new thing in that feature is a renowned DJ who spliced together japanese tracks so if the only new material we're getting is the transitions between songs, the value is limited.

Keychains are fun and it sounds like you get 7 with the xmas version but I don't use them and they'd probably just stay in the box the same as my Qri Treasure Box keychain.

The DVD's then are the only substantial difference between all of these. So I figure the best way to go for me is to get Special editions A&B for the DVD extras and that still comes in at just over half the price of the xmas edition (which doesn't actually have much to do with xmas).

So while I'm still buying 2 copies of the same cd which stings a little on principle, I'm getting 2 unique dvd's featuring a live version of Bunny Style, a live version of Lies, Memory MV and the making of Memory MV. As a person who makes a lot of animated gifs, this appeals to me.

Total cost: $45USD because no sales tax and this order qualifies for free shipping through Yesasia.

A&B: Done deal! :)

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