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[SPAZZ] What do you think a true Queen's/Diadem is?

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Everyone has their own interpretations on what defines to be a 'true' fan - but I certainly can say one thing for sure - those who become fanatics/extremists or people unreasonable or unwilling to accept even a slighty bit of skepticism and criticism (let's be frank here, T-ara ain't perfectly saints as some people try to make them out to be) are a bloody embarrassment.

Being a fan doesn't mean you need/should/have to support the group on everything they do - especially considering that much of the time, CCM is the one that's pulling the strings and anyone who's followed the group for long enough knows that CCM is one of the worst labels to exist in Korea. Unconditional support on everything just leads to blindness. For example - a LOT of regular members here absolutely opposed Areum and Dani's addition into the group and had very, very valid reasons to do so but that didn't stop them from migrating some place else - and when their comeback returned as 6-ara, were happy about it.

Ultimately, it's all up to the individual to decide (minus the nutcases).

Personally though, I don't think there is no real definition of a 'true' fan. We're all just people who have a mutual interest/attraction/admiration towards the group and more specifically, to certain members as well (hence the term 'bias').

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If you have an appreciation for T-ara, you are a fan. I feel like the term "true" is tacked on to make other fans feel like they hold some ground over others. Needing some sort of validation of being a fan is ridiculous. I'm sure T-ara would scold you for ever thinking you were better than another fan of theirs just because.

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I think the "true" fan label is quite cliche. We all have our own definition of what a fans is. Slapping the "true" to it just to make sure that we are included in this "true" fans categories when in fact no fan know whats is best for the girls but the girls themselves (and most likely their family). How do I know? Because I was guilty of this, and it's no shame to admits it. Otherwise you will never grow as a person. Anyway, I personally only say now that there are good fans and not-so-good fans out there. There are different factors, purely opinionated, that determines it, but I wouldn't say the good fans are true fans while the not-so-good are not true fans because none of us are true fans.

P.S: Take everything I said simply as an opinion and don't let my opinion offend you if it's not what you believe.

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Someone who considers themselves to be a fan of T-ara? :) That's all I can think of, really. There are so many different ways to show your support for something and it doesn't make sense to try to apply the same standard across the board. One person might buy every album T-ara releases, does that make them more of a fan than someone who doesn't? Not really, it just means they have the funds to do so. One person might run a T-ara fansite and another doesn't, which one is the "real" fan? As long as they call themselves fans, both!

But if you want to get technical, you could say a true "Queen's" is one that's registered as an official member of Queen's lol. Too bad I'm not!

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