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[14.04.16] Info - Jiyeon reveals tracklist and star-studded production line-up for "NEVER EVER" mini-album!


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[14.04.16] Info - Jiyeon reveals tracklist and star-studded production line-up for "NEVER EVER" mini-album!


Jiyeon’s anticipated first mini-album!

- giving off the two kinds of charms of a girl and a lady
- Participating with Double Sidekick for the title track, her first solo has been fully prepared!

5 years after debut, T-ara’s jiyeon is standing by her own as a solo singer. Although she has shown diverse looks as a member of T-ara who has had many hit songs such as Roly Poly, Bo Peep Bo Peep, Day By Day, Sexy Love, and Number Nine, she is going to show the public a special color that only she, Jiyeon, has.

From the concept, music video, to the choreography, everything one by one reflects Jiyeon’s opinions, she has done her best efforts to show her very own charms that she wasn’t able to show during group activities. The title track, ‘1MIN1SEC’, as the best local composer, Double Sidekick’s, song and as a Medium-Tempo song, the song went well from its start to end with the rain sounds and its lyrical melody and lyrics.

With lyrics that express her feelings, that she can never give up on, towards her beloved man, she’s come to express her desperate feelings of not being able to live without him even if for 1min 1sec in the song’s title. Jiyeon’s stage performance, which will be having the different charms of a lady and a girl, will also be appealing. While she will make the choreography stand out more through her performance that will be benefiting from the on-stage tools, she will present a stage that you can not take off your eyes of. Also, for ‘Yeuido Cherry Blossom’, as a song of composer Ahn Young Min, whom T-ara has worked with since debut, is a warm and bright song that suits for a spring with a warm weather. With cute lyrics and a melody that’s relaxing to listen to, you may look forward to the vocals that are different from the mood of the title track. For ‘Puppet’, as a Tenzo and Tasco, who composed K-will’s “촌스럽게 왜이래” (You Don’t Know Love), song, It might have tempo to it but it’s also chic with sad lyrics and minor melody.

All of the 3 songs in the mini-album express Jiyeon’s own and new charms, The first mini-album will be released on 30th of April. You may look forward to Jiyeon’s new and very own charms.


Source: http://www.synnara.co.kr/sp/sp120Main?categoryId=CT21001101&productId=P000265657#.U07r2VduWSr

Credit/translated by: transbot @ tumblr (http://t-arazone.tumblr.com/post/82896045676/can-trans-about-detail-jiyeon-mini-album-part)

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I really have nothing to worry about here because I know that Jiyeon's solo debut will go on as planned despite the recent tragic events off of the coast in South Korea. So yes, people, Jiyeon will still have her solo debut on the 30th. Anyways, i'm really prepared to find out if Jiyeon will be innocent or sexy for her solo debut

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Guest Guest

What other songs has Ahn Young Min composed for T-ara? Just curious… :)

Apple is A , Cry Cry , Day By Day , Lies , Goodbye, ok ( cry cry tracklist) , I'm so bad , day and night ,

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First, I tot, finally...

i'm gonna have new korean songs for my playlist...

but too bad....

now we will listen to gossip girls track first before this tracklist...

but its okay,,

its still T-ara, so May not gonna be boring

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