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[IG] Areum's Instagram Update (04/19)

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생일 축하해주셔서 감사해요ㅎ 잊지않고 축하해주셔서 기분좋은 생일 보내구있네요! ㅎ : 제 바램은 다음생일은 함께 축하하면서 파티하는건데 그럴수있도록 노력해서 컴백 하겠습니다.!! Thank you !! S2 S2 ありがとございます( ω^ )s2


Do not forget to Thank me heh happy birthday celebration birthday bonaegu haejusyeoseo footwork pleasant! Heh: I hope that the next birthday was celebrated with a party going, so I can try and I will come back ^ ^! Thank you!! S2 S2 ありがと ござい ます (^ ω ^) s2

CR: Lee Areum + CptFantasy + tiaradiadem

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Its good to hear that she's doing great! ^^ She's still under CCM, right?

Yes she is still under contract with CCM. The last part of her instagram says she hopes next year she can come back.

That's probably just her talking rather than any definitive plans at this point but there was an update a few months back stating she was working diligently in anticipation of her solo debut so I hope she gets that chance.

Happy birthday to areum . I thinks the rumor that says she is sick are wrong and nonsense .. . Happy birthday

Yes that was nonsense generated by Netizenbuzz. She's quirky but she's not sick and she's not crazy. :P

People on instagram were being pretty mean to her for a while but her last update was well received so that's good news.

She still has lots of fans supporting her.

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