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[14.05.01] Info - T-ara enlist famed Japanese producers, as well as Ahn Youngmin, for "Gossip Girls" album

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[14.05.01] Info - T-ara enlist famed Japanese producers, as well as Ahn Youngmin, for "Gossip Girls" album


It's May 1st today which means there is only two more weeks until T-ara's third Japanese album "Gossip Girls" is released! T-ara released the tracklist back in April, but today, Universal Music announced that the lyrics (and production behind each song) were all listed up on Una-Net as a sneak peak to what's to come!

Below is some brief information for you to be introduced to the producers Core Contents Media has decided for T-ara to work with:

01. Just Now - lyrics by Tairayoo / produced by Moriya Yasuaki

- Most famous productions: A Risa In WonderLand by Risa Yoshiki and Kimi ga Anohi Waratteita Imi wo by Ono Erena (former AKB48 member)

- Style: pop-rock

02. Lucky Wannabeee! - lyrics by Shoko Fujibayashi / produced by Ahn Youngmin
- Most famous productions: T-ara's Day byDay and Goodbye, OK
- Style: mid-tempo and emotional

03. Keep On Walking - lyrics by MEG.ME / produced by Kota Ogawa
- Most famous productions: Yobisute Fantasy and Seventeen by AKB48
- Style: cutesy electro-pop

04. Knockin' on my heart - lyrics and produced by MEG.ME
- Most famous productions: T-ara's Bunny Style! and TARGET and GREEN DAYS by Lead
- Style: up-tempo pop songs with hooks

05. MUSICA MUSICA - lyrics and produced by Fujino Takafumi
- Most famous productions: - Megami wa doko de Hohoemu by AKB48 Team Surprise, Bazooka hou Hassha! by SKE48 and T-ara's A-HA and Beautiful Sniper
- Style: up-tempo pop songs

Kota Ogawa, MEG.ME, and Fujino Takafumi are all part of the production team under High Kick Entertainment. You can check out more of their productions over here by clicking on their names on the left side.


In addition to that, T-ara will also have a brand new special Japanese remix version of TTL by the famous Korean DJ named DJ Hanmin. He recently gained lots of attention over in Korea after the release of his song "Show Me Your BBA SAE" late last year. I personally think this will be the start of idols jumping on the bandwagon to get him to mix their songs, as Orange Caramel already had a song mixed by him on their latest album. And as you know, T-ara are the trendsetters!


Source: http://www.uta-net.com/artist/11797/

cr: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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assa~ new TTL remix...

always love this song esp T-ara ver.

can't wait....

and on their five new songs,,

based on the style,,

I might love Lucky wannabe,,

but who knowss,,

T-ara had that charm on their music,, that you might not like that kind of music but when you listen to it, you will end up play the song on repeat all day and night,, lmao~

maybe its their voice,, maybe its the way they singing it,,

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