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[14.05.07] Video - T-ara on "Sakigate Eight"


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WOW, how happy and fun they had.

Those two lucky girls, they won both games!

No matter how many times I try to get those toys I just fail...

And they got those cuddly toys on the first try, WOW!

Can't wait for the long version in the album :D

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havent watch the full video yet,

only saw some capture pict that Queen's post on twitter...

but looks like the girls are having fun...

plus there's eunyeon and minkyul moment too....

i hope someone gonna sub this video fast >_<

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OMG....Hyomin is so competitive! Her enthusiasm and the fire in her eyes :lol: . This really reminds me of their reality TV series where the members compete with each other. Really miss those days.

Score 2 for team Hyomin-Qri, or team Qri-Hyomin, if you are a Qri fan....Woo Hoo!! Now, who says Hyomin is just another pretty face? :P

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