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[SPAZZ] Should we give it all to make sure T-ara win this time or let's just enjoy their music?

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Hi Queen's :D


i've been wondering about this question for some time.

and i really want to know about your opinion as well about this


Should we give it all to make sure T-ara get their first win again after 2 long years?

or... let's just enjoy the music and forget about the music shows?


for starter... i asked myself and give some thought about it.. like,

does it really matter if they win or not?

how does (winning music shows) will affect them?


at first,

i thought that winning doesn't matter as long as k-netizens will stop hating T-ara 24/7 for every little thing they do

but the question is,

will they ever stop? when? how? do we need to make a dramatic event to make them stop?
if by winning shows, the hate will fade then should we give it a try?

i just hate the fact that most people keep being a passive audience seeing t-ara get bullied everyday. soyeon thought once she wants to die, jiyeon said she started to lose herself and wonder which is one is her real self, the one that what k-netz think of her or the one she truly think about herself, or how most of them changed from being extrovert into introvert.

that's why, if by winning a music show can at least give them a little space to breath and make them to start thinking positively again about themselves. then... why not?

but again, back to the question... does winning music really that matter? will it really make an impact?

please give your opinion about this :D


if you're thinking that winning music show does matter, let's look at what the situation we're in..

1. in this month there are lot of strong competitors. addition to that, they are boygroups.

where pretty much. boygroup > girlgroup, bigger fandom - stronger physical sales. well, it actually shouldn't be a problem since music shows depends largely on digital sales where mostly girlgroup wins over boygroup in this aspect.
2. digital sales = only korean can buy. which is a big problem.... especially for nation's most hated girlgroup

but let's look at the opportunity.

1. there are 5 music shows with different rules, we can focus on show that give the most opportunity for international fans

2. we are pretty much a strong fandom as long as we all are united heading to the exact 1 same goal

3. we have a place to discuss and evaluate things *cough* diadem


but the question is.. can we really win?

what happened during number 9? why can't we win? is there something we need to improve?

is there a point we need to keep seeing how number nine was doing quite good on chart?

leave your thoughts!!


should we make sure t-ara to win? or forget about music shows?

if we want to make sure t-ara can win this time, how?


thank you for reading, it'll be greatly appreciated if you can join in this dicussion.

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Hmmm... how should I say this? It's important and unimportant at the same time.


Important because, yes, winning can have positive impact for our girls and also (slight) media exposure which is good.


Unimportant because it doesn't really give the artist anything other than short timed recognition. Like you said, 5 music shows, someone wins everyday so honestly, who takes this things seriously? Especially since out of nowhere new group can win or get nominated no.1 all the time.  <_<


I don't mind ppl trying to make T-ara win at music shows, hell, I joined each time they're trending hashtags, votes, etc, but I think it's more important that you help promote T-ara so ppl would buy their CD's. Better yet, if each of us buy extra CD, that alone already doubles their income! I think Money >>>>> Popularity. With more money, CCM can bring more products, songs, better concept and so on. So yeah, winning is great, but let's just focus on the music and buy original CD's.

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Is that a question that needs to be asked? Haha, of course we should give our 110% to make them win, even if it's not important, it's a beautiful gesture.


It's important.

Well a music show award is important and not important just like @HerladC already said, it's important because it puts T-ara in the spotlight and it's not important because..well yeah what do they gain? a trophy? each week 5 awards are being giving out so it's not that "special" either. But we should definitely make them win couple trophies.

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I don't think Queen's should completely stop trying because their efforts, regardless of results, still mean a lot to T-ara.


They'd be happy when they see themselves ranking higher on music show charts, as opposed to being very low or not up there at all. They know then there are still people out there rooting for them and I think that means something to them.


If one day we can earn them a win, wonderful. If not, it's okay. :)


Netizens' opinions wouldn't really change if they finally won one day. Take note, all that hatred from netizens is mostly on the internet. It's not as if people in public are spewing vulgarities with every mention or sight of T-ara lol. The public simply took a step back after what happened 2 years ago.


Instead of focusing on changing netizen's mind with a win, it should be getting recognition amongst the public once again that we should be thinking about.


I think headlines of T-ara winning music shows or just ranking higher on charts would ever so gradually pique the public's interest.

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I agree with Capt and Zee. Winning music shows or anything shouldn't be the top priority on our minds but to show the girls our support and shower them with lots of love (be it monetary, physical or digital album sales or moral support and giving good comments and spreading awareness of their new MV etc). I think what T-ARA really wants from Queen's are their company and loyalty, which in this case means committing more spiritually than anything tangible. After many tribulations, T-ARA realised that fans are the main source of strength and motivation to carry on despite the countless obstacles impeding their march forward. They don't NEED to win music shows to realise that, winning of course is a WANT, but never a need anymore.


Having said that, I don't think that "giving our all" should be a question to be asked too. We should be constantly giving our best and all in our support because I'm sure our girls deserve it more than anything else in the world. They have come so far with US without backing down, despite the tough times where they were on the verge of giving up and just end it all by disappearing off the netizens' radar. But they hold on to the faith that Queen's will be out there to hang on to them, give them the reason to carry on and continue producing excellent and awesome music (with the help of renowned music makers of course). Their efforts in accommodating endless schedules and mustering undying determination and perseverance to deliver their best to the fans (and the public) at the expense of their health and sleep are undoubtedly unparalleled in the industry. I know it might exaggerating to say this, but I'm sure most of you out there agree with me.

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.....Better yet, if each of us buy extra CD, that alone already doubles their income! I think Money >>>>> Popularity. With more money, CCM can bring more products, songs, better concept and so on. So yeah, winning is great, but let's just focus on the music and buy original CD's.


Sorry to cut your comment short. I agree with most of what you said, but I don't think income from the sale of the physical albums is a lot. For us, i-Queen's, it looks like we pay a lot for their album, but in Korea, without having to pay for shipping fee, an album normally costs only $10-$15. Bulk buying (yes, buying more than 1 copy of a version is bulk buying) is not a sustainable option. Doing that will hurt the fans financially. Because they are mostly students who don't have a stable source of income yet. I think CCM and T-ara themselves have to find a way to appeal to the public again if they want to survive.

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I don't think I've ever voted for them or anyone else on any music show. Part of it is just apathy but it doesn't seem that important to me anyway, except maybe for rookie groups that need their name out there even if just for a while. T-ara's already established and selling, so who really cares? If you really want to help them that much then I think buying their stuff is the only worthwhile thing you can do.  I mean, I don't do that since  I don't care as long as they're not going bankrupt anytime soon, and when anyone can download their stuff online they likely get most of their money from performances anyway, but I suppose if you fancy yourself a 'true fan', go for it.

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Shrug. we all have different opinions here. Some leaning towards buying more physical albums, some on winning shows etc. They are all valid, fair enough. But we have so many fan ot there, international and local Koreans. We should at least try to make T-ara win, why not? it's not like we have to do it 24/7 everyday for 365 days


In other words, just do anything we can. If you don't agree, fair enough. I'm not gonna rant or be angry with any of you :) if it comes down to having to do it alone, then it's fine :)

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