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[14.11.25] Video - Little Apple @ SBS MTV The Show


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I waited so long for this performance and I was pleased that they chose the original, just like how they appeared in MV. They looked so adorable in yellow and T-ara performance is the best. I was hoping they could end the dance with the one in MV which they walked sideways and forward. It was so lovely executed. I cannot wait to see their next Little Apple performance.

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Great song, funny choreo dance, best visual view display. All of that conclude in great performance from our princess today ( new concept : Dorky - cute style ... hihihi ). 

I knew this song will suits well for our princess, cause it's very similar with their style. T-ARA is being humble and respect when they start entering chinesse market this year. By remaking a local song that famous and wellknown is great first step, they're not forcing their promotion with korean song that translate into chinesse. 

So, I hope with this song our princess can gain recognizing and popularity in china. And they will make chinesse song album too in the future. 

And i can't wait to see them performance in black dress outfit ( bowling arena in MV )  :P


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