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[15.05.05] Jiyeon in talks to lead in Chinese-Korean movie "Encounter" with Lee Dong Gun

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[15.05.05] Jiyeon in talks to lead in Chinese-Korean movie "Encounter"

with Lee Dong Gun




Jiyeon is currently in talks for a movie to set sail from the Mediterranean Sea towards the Indian Ocean on a cruise trip with Actor Lee Dong Gun.

An MBK representative revealed to Star News that talks for Jiyeon's casting is still under-way. If finalized, both are expected to be departing to Chengdu, China on the 7th of May for a Korean-China breathtaking collaboration movie 'Encounter.'

'Encounter' will be a romantic comedy about a love story between a man and woman unfolding on a cruise ship sailing from Spain’s Barcelona to the Indian Ocean.

Rookie director Kim Jung Han will be producing the work with Korean actors and staffs, and collaborating with the Chinese Media Council.

Lee Dong Gun and Jiyeon will be required to do a short filming session in the heart of Spain’s Barcelona.

After sailing on the world’s largest super cruise Royal Caribbean Cruise, they will also visit Athens in Greece and Rome in Italy, Dubai in United Arab Emirates etc. The love story will be further unfold across these places.

Previously, Lee Dong-gun had appeared on Arirang TV in March and said that he “will be starring in a Chinese movie.”

Furthermore, Jiyeon spoke that T-ara have received huge popularity from their promotion of ‘Little Apple’ in China. As such, the movie’s producing team has decided to have Jiyeon as one of the casts.

The movie ‘Encounter’ will be on China's big screens in October.


Source: Sports Donga

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