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[15.05.29] T-ara's Eunjung and SPEED to "interact with fans" in a joint guerrilla performance

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[15.05.29] T-ara's Eunjung and SPEED to "interact with fans" in a joint guerrilla performance




T-ara's Eunjung and SPEED will come together on both 30th and 31st for a guerrilla performance.

On the 28th, Eunjung and members of SPEED revealed through their agency, "we hope that this performance will be a chance for us to meet our fans face-to-face and have more interaction opportunities. No matter how insignificant it may seem, we would like to send our gratitude to the fans who always support us, and perform with this in mind."

Eunjung and SPEED will be holding their first public performance on the 30th, evening 6pm, at Samseong-dong, Coex Lifeplaza. The second performance will be held on the 31st, 7pm at Myeongdong Art Theater.

Eunjung recently debuted as a solo artist in the name of 'Elsie', with the title track "I'm Good". On the other hand, SPEED officially announced their comeback with the disclosure of their title track preview "What U" on the 27th.

SPEED's new song "What U" is composed by Joombas Music Group, who also composed EXO's "Growl", while having their dance choreographed by Nick Bass. SPEED will be the first in 12 years, after Se7en, to perform in Heelys for their new song "What U".


Source: xportsnews
Translation by HanGuoRenx
Chinese Translations via T-ara Bar

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