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[15.07.04] Jiyeon revealed to be dating 12-years older "Encounter" co-star Lee Donggun!


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Jiyeon (22) is revealed to be dating actor Lee Donggun (35)!

On the 3rd, a Chinese fan uploaded an intimate picture of Jiyeon and Lee Donggun showing skinship at a restaurant with staff members from the movie "Encounter". "Encounter" is the Korean-Chinese movie that Jiyeon and Donggun have been filming since May together and slowly they developed a crush on each other.


According to a source, the two are not scared to show their affection for each other after the movie filming process.

Lee Donggun entered the entertainment industry in 1998 as a singer but since then he has been popular as an actor in various dramas and movies including "Lovers in Paris". Jiyeon began appearing in the industry during 2007 but debuted as a singer in 2009 as a T-ara member.

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As long as she's happy, that's ok. I really hope the relationship is sincere and not just some promotional strategy. From here on T-ara will be collecting all the good-looking oppas for their bfs. It would be epic if Boram gets to keep the youngest boyfriend. :D

My eunyeon ship has been shaken though, but it's ok...it's ok. :-)

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I'm totally heartbroken and shaken to the core 。。。。with that said, MY ♥JIYEON breaks away from Her Maknae innocence and has grown up on that Cruise Ship, I hope She enjoys Her adulthood to the fullest!

I'm sure this older guy will make that happen?! I hate to be him when he breaks Her Heart!!!!

My bias' has left millions of hearts bleeding. Hahahaha!!

Now, I know what a father feels like watching his little girl being taken away!!?! O_o

I know it sounds absurd, but I feel jealous??! I've given Her My Love and Support for almost 7 years! *sigh***

It will be a sleepless night。。。。what about you JINGCHINS?!!!

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this news has two side,happy and sad.

happy = jiyeon have new boyfriend.

sad = why her boyfriend age are too old for her? (12 year gap)

i hope jiyeon have boyfriend a boyfriend with gap between 1-6 year old

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for me, it is kinda weird feeling now. as i think this is more public promotion than dating.

if true, then happy to jiyeon, as he also in showbiz circle then can more understand they can't be like normal couple.

hihi, if can, need to advise to mr lee donggun that can't be nice only to jiyeon, also need flattering good to her families and all t-ara members.

as jiyeon is their precious maknae and very dote to her, especially most of time t-ara members are together.

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mmm...that why she missing when t-ara still on the cruise to see firework...

i bet she busy online with LDG on the phone...recall about their memories...  :P

is this dating picture after sbs the show last teusday?

because she wearing the same outfit...


be happy with what u choose...

n dont disappear from sns just like that...

u had gut to fall in love, u doesn't scare to show ur affection to each other...

than u must be prepared for the consequence...

i'm pray for the best to u, Park Jiyeon...

i love all t-ara members and your'e one of them...

pls...pls...after this put t-ara first b4 ur love one for the mean time...

t-ara got hard time with the scandal b4...and just to clean up their name little by little...and this breaking news...really break ur bias world...

i'm feel a little bit disappointed..but i'm also wish u to be happy...

just give us...ur fans some time to calm down...

everything will be fine later...i hope so... B)

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I like sensed it when I saw a picture of them two a while ago when they were filming, I said to myself that I will be hearing some dating news soon, and he don't look like an idol just jiyeon's ideal type.

I quess t-ara needs this kind of news I hope we can hear news about hyomin too and then eunjung

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Age doesn't matter for me as long as Lee Dong Gun will love and cherish Jiyeon as how we fans (Queen's) did. <3 I hope this relationship will sail smoothly. Jiyeon's happiness is also my happiness. I didn't feel disappointment at all. Age is just a number and I'll wish for their happiness. Jiyeon-ah, fighting!  :wub:

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Lee Donggun !!! I'm happy for her :)

I really like him, she is a great actor. I hope that he will take care of Ji Yeon.

They have 12 years old in difference but it's not a probleme.

They love each other so let them date.

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