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[15.07.31] T-ara to release first 'So Crazy' teaser video on July 31st, midnight


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On the midnight of the August 31st (August 1st 00:00), girl group T-ara will be releasing the teaser video of their 'So Crazy' comeback on the official daum fancafe.

Meanwhile, T-ara will be holding their first Korean showcase since debut on the coming August 3rd at 11 AM. The showcase will be opened to 120 fans on a first-come, first-served basis, and the first to watch T-ara’s 'So Crazy' performance on stage.

Not only will T-ara perform their title song on stage, other new performances have also been prepared.

Fans can apply for T-ara’s first showcase via their fan cafe starting from July 31st, 8PM.

Meanwhile, T-ara’s first collaboration with hit-song maker Brave Brothers, 'So Crazy,' will be released on all online music sites on the midnight of the coming August 4th.


Source: StarN HanKyung

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I was very excited when I saw the title, but just feel disappointed.

is it the teaser mv will release on the official daum fancafe on 31 july midnight ( 1 august 0000hrs )only?

and just can't imagine that the showcase only opened to 120 fans? is it date problem ( as Monday 11am )? or just no much fan cafe's fans want to join?

if it is no much fans, since MBK meaning MUSIC BEYOND KOREA, please strongly consider to do showcase outside of Korea.

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