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[15.10.07] T-ara's unveils new official Japanese website and fan cafe, Queen's Japan!


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Korean girl group T-ara have reopened their official Japanese website and a new official fan cafe on October 1st, 2015 at 12 PM.

'Project T' has been revealed. The mystery behind the project was finally unveiled after the countdown timer started ticking off: T-ara will commence activities in Japan once again.

All the latest news of T-ara, a group with not only singing capabilities, charismatic choreography and dances, but also filled with energy, will be announced on T-ara’s official Japanese website.

The opening of T-ara’s official fan cafe has garnered attention and anticipation for their upcoming activities in Japan.

Visit T-ara's new Japanese website here


Source: KStyle News

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Aloha MBK-ENT!!!



I will join again! I am so glad MBK-ENT decided not to forget JAPAN?!?! O:-)

Please bring back the Japanese Albums too! I LOVE the Extra T-ARA♥ Releases and Merchandise(especially since We can purchase them without being in the UN to get anything in China???)!!

Thank You!

Your Loyal & Dedicated Fan, Collector, & Supporter from T-ARA♥House@Hawaii!!!

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