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[16.01.08] Hyomin to make solo comeback in March, date and details to be announced


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T-ara's Hyomin will be making a solo comeback!

MBK Entertainment revealed to Newsen on January 8th that the comeback is set to take place in March. "Hyomin has recently been preparing for her solo comeback. However, the time of the comeback has not been internally confirmed."

Hyomin's side stated, "the new songs are currently being recorded. The time of the comeback will be finalized after the details have been confirmed.”

Hyomin made her solo debut in June 2014 with Brave Brothers produced title track, Nice Body.


Source: Nate/Newsen
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Me too! and since when are you jiyeon-biased? >.> I thought it's always Soyeon

jiyeon be my biased since first time i meet t-ara ^^


after long time i notice soyeon is worth too,


to be honest i have 4 bias :V



here the specific reason


1.jiyeon = she the youngest and same age with me,but she can be inspired for youth generation, dancing + fihgting + singing + shiksin = PerFect


2.soyeon= i love her vocal and her face, soyeon body and height are my ideal type ,hope someday i can find a girlfriend like soyeon specification hahah :P


3.boram = boram is the shortest member in t-ara (also all korean idol maybe?) but she still confident and show to the world small person doesn't mean can't do anything . also she the oldest member,but she her face like telling she the youngest member :v


4.QRI = she is the quitest member in t-ara, but it doesn't mean qri an idiot, having retarded mental illness or selfish, however she like that because qri talk as necessary <3

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