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[16.03.02] Hyomin gives an insight on the production of her album and her diet regimes in Beauty+ Magazine


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Q: What type of songs can we expect from your solo album?

"A slow tempo song, a genre of song that I’ve tried for the first time. 99% of my taste in music will be reflected in this album. In a typical album production, the title song is produced first, followed by matching songs, then the choreography to match the songs and finally the album jacket concept, but it was the opposite for me. The choreography and album jacket concept was produced first. I’ll decide the kind of expression and image I want to paint for the audience with the choreography and do the photoshoot for the album jacket to match that. Once those are complete, then I can begin to decide what kind of songs will match the mood. Instead of thinking what kind of songs will give off the “this song is good” feeling, I prefer to imagine, “what kind of song will fit the mood and atmosphere of my performance very well.” That’s when I decided to work with Ryan Jhun, August Rigo and BEAST’s Yong Junhyung

Q: What kind of choreography can we expect?

I wanted to show a mature image of myself. I was too caught up with a “my new side” kind of concept for my first solo album, mainly because I wanted to show an image that I didn’t get to show when I was doing group activities, but the feedback I received was that I didn’t exude enough confidence, so I thought to myself, maybe I was too greedy. So this time, I adopted a mindset, “what is the kind of performance can I do best?”

Q: So have you come to a conclusion? What is the performance that is the most like you?

It’s important to have a perfect performance with good vocals but I realised that it's even more important that I’m able to express the music well. You'll seew when the album is released; it’s still a secret right now!

Q: Did you personally pick the producer, song composer, photographer, etc?

Yes, I did receive a lot of help from Brave Brothers for my first album, though. Not just the music but the music video, fashion, hair and make up were also proposed by me. I’ve learned a lot from the album production process. I’ve also learned how I can create the kind music and performance I want. I wanted to have more say in my second solo album.

Q: We're curious about the fashion, hair and make up concept.

It’s a concept that you can see and say is "Hyomin."

Q: Your toned body is a hot topic. How much effort do you need to put in to maintain your sexy thigh muscles and slim waist?

I personally think that women should have some volume on their thighs to be sexy. But a toned thigh with volume because the exercise for it is very different due to putting on weight. I usually do intensive lower body workouts at the fitness centre. A kind of strength training for legs and thighs. Whereas for a slim and slender waist, it’s more of dieting than working out.

Q: Do you usually control your diet?

Of course, but it’s really not easy to have a diet regime for an entire month. That’s why I don’t go on a strict diet for more than 2 weeks. If there’s an important schedule, I only go on short-term strict diet regimes. I can’t go on a long-term regimes because I love to drink with my friends, eat snacks and a lot of delicious food. 

Q: How do you switch to a short-term strict diet regime?

I stop junk food and stick strictly to healthy food. I stop eating rice and pack lunch boxes with sweet potatoes, corn, eggs and fruits. I only eat the amount that I want whenever I’m hungry. There are times when I worry and think, “I won't put on weight if I eat this much, right?” Nevertheless, my complexion becomes better whenever I follow this kind of diet because it has a kind of detoxing effect. It’s good for bowel movements too, haha. I'd really feel like my body is becoming healthier. I only eat half a bowl of rice even when I'm really very hungry and have vegetables with salt as side dishes.

Q: Your comeback soon, so have you been on a diet recently?

I’m kind of used to a dieting and a healthy lifestyle recently. I only eat delicious food occasionally and eat more healthy food. I walk around my house for 30 minutes. So I'm usually wearing running shoes and I do a lot of stretching whenever I can.

Q: Have you imagined a 30-year-old Hyomin before? What kind of image do you want to have?

An image of a reliable woman who is able to do anything that she’s entrusted to! I want to be someone who can do everything well. I feel that whether you’re a woman or man, you have to hold a professional image. I hope that I’ll become a professional 30-year-old person.

Q: Other than being a singer, what other fields of profession do you want to explore?

Photography and video production. I really have a lot of interest in production. If there’s a chance, I want to try directing a photoshoot of a junior.

Q: Will we be able to see Hyomin appear on TV for the first half of this year?

Yes, I’ll appear on TV when my second solo album is released in March.  I want to say, please look forward to it and I’ll do my best. Thank you for your compliments, thank you for forgiving me for what I’m lacking of and I hope that you will listen to my songs.


Source: Beauty+

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