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[16.11.06] A Shanghai performance for an audience of 10,000 that only Big Bang and T-ara are capable of

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Girl group T-ara realized how popular they are in China. They are the first Korean girl group to hold a performance at the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena Hall.

Recently, T-ara met up with reporters at a cafe in Itaewon, Seoul. They said, “we had an exclusive concert in China back in September and in 5 other cities (Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shanghai).” T-ara recalled the happy moments they had by meeting their fans up-close.

T-ara added, “we performed at Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena Hall and it was a 12,000 audience venue. It was a really huge performance venue. We were shocked at the size of it.” Other than Big Bang and T-ara, no other Korean artist has performed at that venue. As a girl group, T-ara has such unusual popularity in China.

The members are planning to focus on their Korean activities now. They said, “our upcoming new song TIAMO has only one wish. We just want closer interaction with our fans and them to say that they like it. We want to have many activities together with our fans.”

T-ara’s new song TIAMO means “I love you” in Italian. Piano and guitar sounds, warmly composed with other harmonious string instruments while having a cool and refreshing medium tempo by hit song maker Duble Sidekick producers.


Source: Daum

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