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[17.02.13] Jiyeon temporarily suspends solo comeback preparations, album release postponed


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[17.02.13] Jiyeon temporarily suspends solo comeback preparations, album release postponed


Jiyeon's solo comeback after 3 years has been receiving a lot of attention.

However, Star News has reported on the 13th that Jiyeon has decided to temporarily suspend her solo comeback preparations. The new album, which was expected to be released towards the end of March or early April, has been delayed.

The reason for the the delay is due to past events attracting attention once again.

According to Jiyeon's agency, considering the current situation, they will be putting the new solo album production on hold for now. The reason for this is because they do not want to be, by any chance,  misunderstood of using the hot issue's popularity and attention, thus bringing down the album's value.

In other words, they don't wish to ride solely on the attention of the issue but rather, to receive an assessment and recognition based on the music and album. Therefore, in the current situation, they have decided to temporarily put the album production and recording on hold, delaying the album release and sales.


Source: Naver

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I know that it stinks for some fans to hear this BUT they gotta understand that they have to put Jiyeon's comeback on hold due to the resurfacing of the five-year-old T-ara bullying scandal and will pick things right back up once the controversy is settled once and for all.  And no, we aren't going to wait forever, it's just that we will have to continue waiting a while for new solo material from Jiyeon.  So yeah, there's a chance that Jiyeon will be making a solo comeback sometime later on this year when the scandal dies down for good completely.  We shall have to put Jiyeon's past solo debut single on repeat for the time being until the controversy is completely out of the picture.

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