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[20.09.15] Jiyeon shows off chic maturity and high-end beauty for the cover of Mag & Jina, hints at future works

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T-ara's Jiyeon decorates the cover of MAG & JINA, showing off her luxurious visuals and covers stories of being a YouTuber and influencer. In the pictorial, Jiyeon digested all the concepts from innocence to a chic sexy charm, showing us her peerless class.

T-ara’s Jiyeon showed off her luxurious visuals and decorated the cover of ‘Mag & Jina’ Jiyeon edition, detailing about her YouTuber and influencer story. In the pictorial, Jiyeon digested all concepts from innocent to chic and even sexy, showing us her peerless class.

11 years into her debut, Jiyeon received the Silver Play Button 10 months after starting her JING TV YouTube channel and the love from the public, and is starting the second heyday of her life. “As a singer, actress, and creator, I want to keep my place. Without any greed, I want to communicate with my fans as happily as I can now,” she revealed her candid feelings through the interview.

“I will steadily show you a glamorous side on stage as a singer, various charms as an actress, and a friendly side like I'm your friend through YouTube. I will also show you a new side of me on stage soon, so please look forward to it,” she said about her aspirations.

In the MAG & JINA pictorial released on the 15th, Jiyeon radiated colorful charms, showing off her goddess beauty while wearing a white dress maximizing her innocence, going back and forth between chic and sexy with a black suit and a strong dress. In particular, an overwhelming gaze with drowning strong eyes and a seductive expression, boasting her unrivaled beauty

Jiyeon perfectly digested the concepts through her various poses and expressions for each cut in a unique atmosphere at the photoshoot site, evoking praise from the staff. Meanwhile, Jiyeon is actively communicating with domestic and foreign fans through her YouTube channel JING TV and is considering her next work.

See full the photoshoot in the Diadem Gallery.


Source: DailySports, StarToday

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