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[10.06.27] T-ara's Hyomin & Jiyeon, entertainment-acting cross challenge


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T-ara Jiyeon & Hyomin, Entertainment-Acting cross challenge. `Line-counter Competition`

T-ara Jiyeon and Hyomin are challenging their selves at entertainment shows and acting, and they're currently walking in the path as good competitors and partners.

Jiyeon is now a fixed member for a new variety show of SBS. Their official sources said, "Jiyeon will make a appearance in a new entertainment program of SBS."

Jiyeon has succeed as an actress in some movies and drama after her debut with T-ara. But being a fixed member of a variety show is her first time.

Especially Jiyeon who's a fixed member from a girl-group, planned to show her true personality and some charm appeal in the show.

In front of Jiyeon, another T-ara member called Hyomin is now a fixed member of 'Invincible Youth' in KBS 2TV. Since Hyomin is Jiyeon's 'Entertainment Senior', we're looking forward for her tips and advice.

So 3 members of of T-ara which are Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Eunjung has attempts to transform into an actress. Hyomin will debut through SBS new drama called "My Forbidden Girlfriend/My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox" (name undecided).

Hyomin is currently enrolled in theater department of Seonggyungwan University, and has some passion and interest in acting since her school days. She has done some various activities, but only took some little parts.

The officials said, "Jiyeon, Hyomin, and the other members are greedy. Not only singing, but acting, entertainment, etc. Look forward for their activities in various areas."


Source: Nate News

Translation: dianapetrina@diadem

I love Jiyeon & Eunjung's drama, so I'm looking forward for Hyomin's drama :3

Fighting T-ara! <3

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yeah it will really be fun to see them teaching each other

but i think will do just fine

i mean makenae got a lot of air time when she appeared with hyomin on strong heart

while our folding screen demonstrated her nickname to be edited out in the same episode.

Hyomin also acted well in the cf mini drama

so i think they won't have any problem


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=.= I agreed to the official statement to a small extent. They are not greedy, in fact they are talented. I only agree to looking forward in their different entertainment section appearance.

T-ara fans are really occupied even they are not in music shows except for Soyeon.

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The officials said, "Jiyeon, Hyomin, and the other members are greedy. Not only singing, but acting, entertainment, etc."

lol much?

at least when they r greedy, they hav the talents too.. so it doesnt matter. :)

looking forward to Jiyeon's variety programme n Hyomin's drama.

Coffee House is one awesome drama.. Eunjung ftw! ^_^

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3 of the members on TV and acting. Huge stuff!

The nice news about that is i guess they won't be leaving the country much.

Every other idol group has like out of country schedules.

it's very nice to know T-ara will be around to entertain.

can't wait to see hyomin's new drama.

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