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[10.07.16] Ryu Hwayoung joins T-ara as 7th member


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WELCOME! new maknae? i'll still have a hard time to adjust Hwayoung is the new maknae..

'cuz im used to jiyeon..and all the fans here will agree with me, having a 7 t-ara members

somewhat a big BOOM! and having a long road to accept that.

better the maknae now should be in her best..^^


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@ Elly;

exactly what was on my mind when i first read it

what in the world r we goin to do bout new me,ber for anniversary

god; this is definately a shock

im still absorbing the reality of the fact =='

i guess its for the better of t-ara

buh t-ara was forever 6

now ts forever 7 ?

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well i think that t-ara management need to learn to be a little more mysterious. Why reveal 2 major changes in one day. Hwayoung should be reveal when the new album is about to release, sothat people can judge her and see her performance in teasers. Now is she going to sing 'lies', bo beep bo when the other member do performance now??? Its so odd....

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i loved them for being original..

i rather them spilt to sub-units... then this!


wanna stop this additon mutation to kpop girl groups ESPECIALLY T-ARAAAA!~

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T-ARA will always be T-ARA even with a new member. *sigh* JiYeon isn't the maknae anymore. Oh well, JiYeon isn't on t-aradotcom's ad picture, so Ryu Hwayoung won't be on it either. Now she has someone to complain about it with. But how are they gonna sing their songs. I mean will they do it like U-KISS and leave the new member (KiSeob :)) out when they are singing the songs before the new member came. It'll take me a long time to like the new member though. Boram as the new leader...don't tell me their doing the age thingy and not by leadership skills.


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:I i feel nothing. Is this a good decision or not? Everything everybody's said i feel as well. Especially the idea of T-ara becoming something like After School or SNSD. T-ara, i actually felt like i actually got to know them b/c of the wiggle-room w/ the "lack" of members but now every member will probly (try) to get equal broadcast time or notoriety in music and general TV shows. We probly will see less of each member now.

Most importantly, i feel like T-ara has been transformed in a way that isn't original or something that i could call cool to solve the problems (w/e they were). I think the step of adding a member just destroys T-ara's credibility of being one of (or probably the) most original girl or boy groups around. The new member changes everything to me.

The music will change and i will definitely look at the group differently. All she can do is prove she adds to the group. I definitely think she knows how much pressure is in.

.....Though welcome Hwayoung ^o^!

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grr.. i'm sorry but adding a new member to the group doesn't necessarily bring the group more diversity.. i'm just mad... they were doing SOOO SOOO GOOD ! i'm sure i'll like hwayoung when she comes out.. but.. curse you CCM. whyy.. i liked jiyeon as maknae.. but you can't do anything about that.. haha i'll miss t-ara as 6 though. :D good luck to hwayoung though.. :)

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