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  1. 1 whole month of promotion in japan... i hope they can get just a little more rest days before that
  2. Can't wait for the song and MV! Modern version of clubbing as compared to Roly Poly? haha
  3. hi subber! what have you subbed recently

  4. this girl seriously needs some rest. i'd choose to not see her on screen if she can really get more rest. jiyeon fighting ~
  5. oldest and youngest pair. boram's hair totally make her look even more like a kid! both of them are so cute >< my top 2 fave.
  6. wow... what lucky fans >< envy envy envy. she's so natural and lovely.
  7. leader-maknae pairing love them both =D
  8. boram is such a good and cute daughter. hope her mom and her can overcome all obstacles. fighting!
  9. wow, 1000 out of 13million, those 1000 fans are sure lucky. sad that eunjung didn't participate though.
  10. hi!! welcome to diadem!! :D

  11. congrats to the girls making so much profit. hope the business stays successful and get even better. t-ara jjang!
  12. lol eunjung! fashion terrorist haha. so she's on the same level as tace and kth =X
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