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  1. "It was our wish to win #1 in charts, but we can also get a storm of sign request in Europe now. We are also fascinated of ourselves. Haha." Members of T-ara (Soyeon, Eunjung, and Hyomin) who calms the music industry with 'Roly Poly' and 'Lovey Dovey' said that while giving us a big smile. T-ara had their goodbye stage on 12th February in SBS TV 'Inkigayo' and will go to Japan on 16th February. They will be there until 3rd March to promote their 3rd single album 'Roly Poly'. We met Soyeon, Eunjung, and Hyomin on 13th February and they said, "We promoted our albums for 10 months without rest so it was hard. But I think we got some recognition that is worth the hard work. So we are proud." Soyeon: "We really run without rest for this 10 months. It reached 9 schedules a day when it's a busy day. We also had spent 22 hours out of 24 hours a day for schedules. Our fans were worried of us." She continued with smile, "The fascinating thing is: We're tired, but we just won't sleep while we are moving place to place in the car. We will just chat in the car, to release our stress." They killed all the charts since June with 'Roly Poly' 'Cry Cry' and 'Lovely 'Dovey'. But at the same time, they have to bear with their killing schedule. But they are not lazy for their solo activities because of their greed. Eunjung was casted in JTBC Weekend Drama 'Queen Insoo', and Soyeon & Hyomin in musical 'Roly Poly'. Jiyeon was casted in musical 'Roly Poly' and KBS 2TV Monday-Tuesday Drama 'Dream High 2'. They also have solo activities despite their group activities, are there no difficulties? Eunjung: "It was harder because my drama is a history drama. I can't express the scenario or feeling well, so I was worried. But it was a fun experience. I first thought that my bed-scene will give a bad influence to my image, but thankfully everyone saw it with 'acting is just an acting' heart. Haha." Hyomin: "Musical is harder because it's different with appearing in TV. We have to directly give the viewers a view of our real self. I had some hard times when I can't sing properly while giving more attention to my acting. But I gain confidence as I try. Thanks to it, I can stand on stage while promoting in T-ara with more confidence." Soyeon said while laughing, "Hyomin acts like a musical actress in daily life. She makes everyone laugh with her hyperbolic gesture. T-ara became a hot issue in this beginning of year because of their series of commitments. Their subway promise, until their voluntary promise, they fulfilled it all. Eunjung: "We are a little shy to hear the word 'commitment'. We're happy to do some good works by commitment, but we just can't get a time out of our schedule. That's why we think it's easier if we make it as a promise to be fulfilled to our fans. We were able to finish our promotion with more meaning thanks to those promises." Hyomin: "But there are also some bad points for calling it a 'commitment'. The voluntary venue was revealed in press, so it was uncomfortable for us and also for the elders who came to find us. So next time, we are planning to have a private voluntary work." T-ara because popular since last year not only in Korea, but also overseas. Their Japanese debut single 'Bo Peep Bo Peep' reached #1 in Oricon daily and weekly chart. Their 2nd single 'YAYAYA' also recorded the 4th place in Oricon daily chart. They also performed for 'Music Bank' in Paris, France on 8th January with SNSD, SHINee, 2PM, and other singers too. Soyeon: "It was our first time to perform in Europe, and we had many experiences before we came back. We went to Eiffel Top and people from England, Spain, Italy, etc actually recognized us. They also know our songs. We gave them our sign, and also took some photos with them. We could feel the pride as 'K-pop Singer' at that time. We felt as if we are a representative of South Korea." Eunjung: "Even there is a fan who said that she watched We Got Married. I was surprised. At that moment, I thought that K-pop boom are really amazing. I also think that we have a chance to do more in the future." Hyomin revealed their bold ambition, "We know that we're still lacking a lot of thing, but we become more greedy as we personally went to the local. We want to make a debut in Europe, America, and other places in the world if we have the chance." What are T-ara's competitiveness in the eyes of the members? Eunjung: "I think it's the Power of Transformation that we have. We tried so many concepts, that is not a typical girl group concepts. 'Roly Poly' is the type of song that elders would like rather than people these days. 'Lovey Dovey' also had a shuffle dance, that is different to the typical girl groups. I think that's why we are receiving some love." Soyeon: "We said to the agency while joking, 'Can't we get a concept like other girl groups? Let's promote with an innocent and cute song' and they replied 'You guys don't match that kind of concept'. I think we are fated to have some eye-catching concepts, even in the future." T-ara will also have their first performance in the US on April. They will perform in LA and San Fransisco with Yangpa and Davichi. Soyeon: "We have a lot expectations since it's our first time. I think K-pop has also entered the US, so I hope we could get more recognition through this performance. I think it's a good thing to go to the US with a good feelings, we're lucky. Haha." The target of greedy group T-ara is: 'Multi-player Group'. Eunjung: "The more you get, the more you will be greedy. I think it's also happening to us. To be on the 1st place in chart was our wish before debut. But now we also have some greeds for overseas promotion, and also for acting.. We will work harder so we will be remembered as a group who is doing well in many aspects. Our goal is to hear something like 'We also have this kind of amazing group in our country'." *** Source: Nate Translated by: dianapetrina @ Diadem
  2. [12.01.31] T-ara Triple Crown... Will attend volunteer event T-ara won the first place in SBS Inkigayo on 29th January, which completes their Triple Crown. Fans had been wondering whether they will keep their promise or not. T-ara has declared that they will do a volunteer event for people with difficulties if they win in Inkigayo for 3 consecutive weeks. They had promise if they win #1 in any public broadcasting channel, they will ride subway and shows their thankful heart to fans in the station. They keep the promise in only one day after the win. To keep the promise, T-ara with a charity organization will find elderly with difficulties on 1st February and held a volunteer event. The organization that will be holding the volunteer event with T-ara is 'People Living With'. It's an organization that operates free study room and free food for people with difficulties, especially teenagers. T-ara gathered 10 million won to buy rice and instant noodles for the volunteer event. 7 million won was their bonus after they win the Triple Crown, and 3 million won are from the members. T-ara revealed, "The good results came out because everyone has been giving us a lot of love. We will become a more hard-working T-ara in the future." *** Source: Nate Translated by: dianapetrina @ Diadem
  3. [12.01.25] T-ara's Eunjung injured her left kneecap, needs 6 weeks to recover Eunjung from girl group T-ara injured her left kneecap on a snowy road, and needs 6 weeks for full recovery. She was on her way to home on 24th January (11.50 PM) after a choreography practice of 'Lovey Dovey' when she fell and injured her left kneecap. It was snowing when she fell down, and the road was freezing. She was rushed straight to the hospital for a X-ray and first aid treatments, and had another check-up on 25th January. The result of the check-up showed that she needs 6 weeks for full recovery of her kneecap. She also had a treatment to removed 30ml of blood inside her knee. She needs to come back for a few more times to the hospital, for another treatments. Right now, Eunjung are wearing gips on her legs because her knee is swollen. T-ara's company Core Content Media stated, "We will adjust the schedule after we see the condition of Eunjung's legs." *** Source: Nate Translated by: dianapetrina @ Diadem
  4. [12.01.23] T-ara's Eunjung, "The year of Black Dragon will show T-ara's power" The beginning of 2012 was bright. T-ara's Eunjung who was born on 1988, entered 2012 with a more special feelings because this is her year. We get to know her resolution for this year. Eunjung showed an active self on 2011 as a singer and actress. She started 2012 with a great feeling from dragon's aura. She threw away all regrets in 2011, and shared her expectation, excitement, and aspiration for 2012. "I started 2011 with the drama 'Dream High', and also starred in my first movie. And I also received good feedback as T-ara. We had our Japan debut, and I also starred in the drama 'Queen Insoo'. I surely had a busy year more than the others." KBS 2 'Dream High' is a drama with Eunjung, Miss A's Suzy, 2PM's Taecyeon, etc in it. Eunjung expressed the villain character nicely, and impressed the viewers. She is also currently appearing in MBC variety show 'We Got Married' as a virtual married couple with Actor Lee Jangwoo. She showed another side of her charm. Thanks to it, she received the Newcomer Award (Show Variety) in 2011 MBC Entertainment Awards. "I spent the year so busily, but it's also a year that made me felt the value of our members." Eunjung had some solo activities, and also activities with T-ara. But she didn't forget to thank the members. "I felt sorry a lot to our members, thanks to my solo activities. But we always support each others' to strengthen our relationship. So it was also a year that made me felt many sisterly love. As much as our solo activities are, we try to understand each other. As I saw them growing and developing, it makes me expect even more from them." She looks back, "So many things happen, and it was a busy 2011." and gave a score for last year, "It's 78 out of 100." 2012 is coming, and this year will be more special for her. Black Dragon's Year is her year, because she was born in 88. Her expectation and excitement are big. "Dragon is a imaginary animal that doesn't exist in real life. I want to spend a great year, just like how dragon has a deep meaning. I want to show the power of T-ara to the public, along with our members. I also want to fix all my regrets from last year, and show a more improved appearance." Eunjung also shared her dream as a youth in her early 20s, not as T-ara member or an actress. "I personally want to go to Europe for a backpack trip. I also want to go to a family trip. (laugh)" And last, Eunjung spoke up her message of hope to the others who was also born in the Dragon Year. "To all lively 88 born, please spend this Black Dragon Year with full energy and positive thoughts. It's an age that shows our official start as a social freshman, 25 years old. I hope everyone will be successful." We can feel her sincerity, expecation, and excitement for 2012 through her powerful voice. Her activeness in many aspects and her variety of charms are the reason of all interest in her. Source: Nate Translated by: dianapetrina @ Diadem
  5. T-ara's Eunjung was injured right before their comeback with new song 'Lovey Dovey'. Eunjung sprained her ankle on MBC Gayo Daejun, and injured two ligaments. She have to join their comeback stage with half gips. Core Content Media revealed on 4th January, "Eunjung injured her legs right before their comeback, but she asked for analgesic injection for the comeback stage preparation. She asked for the injection to the doctor so that she could stand on the stage, just like how athletes took the injection before their competition. But the doctor decided to see her condition on the day of the comeback." It was also revealed that Eunjung could only sit and watch T-ara members preparing their comeback, because of her treatment. Source: Nate Translated by: dianapetrina @ Diadem
  6. [11.10.20] Cha Seungwon, "Acting skills of T-ara members are better than average" Actor Cha Seungwon praised the acting skills of T-ara members. Cha Seungwon met with some reporters on 20th October, at the venue of T-ara's new MV shooting. He revealed, "The members are great in acting, and they're experienced. As an actor, I felt that I have to work even harder." He continued the praise without saving any of them, "We have a lot to shoot and it was tiring. But they smoothy done the shooting, while expressing each characters with different colors. Of course, we can see some individual variation. But everyone has an acting skill that is more than advantage. They're some skilled friends who can do well in acting and other directions." Cha Seungwon revealed his decision of appearing in the MV. "After the end of 'The Greatest Love', I wanted to act again. So I accepted this offer. But the schedule is as hard as shooting an episode of a drama for 4 days. So now my interest in acting is slowly disappearing." (laughs) This MV shooting is a huge project that spent Won in the making, and will be a 30-minute drama. The MV is directed by Cha Euntaek, the master in MV shooting. Other than Cha Seungwon, Ji Changwook and the members of T-ara will also appear in the MV. Meanwhile, T-ara's new album that will be released on November has became a hot news because of the participation of South Korea's best song-writers like Jo Yeongsoo, Brave Brothers, Shinsadong Tiger, Kang Jiwon, etc. *** Source: Nate Translated by: dianapetrina @ Diadem
  7. [11.10.10] T-ara's Hyomin, "My first time for an innocent concept" Hyomin from girl group T-ara transformed into an Innocent Autumn Goddess. Hyomin showed her charming and girly look for the latest edition of Star Style Magazine 'High Cut'. A deep gazes, and less make-up instead of her usual smokey eye-look. She showed an innocence side of her, that is hard to see in her usual days. Hyomin said, "This is my first time taking on such a clean concept after my debut. This is a radical photoshoot." The photographer for this shoot evaluated, "Her innocent and lovely image was transferred straight to the camera. That kind of image was always hidden behind her thick eyeliner. The photoshoot brought a new atmosphere." The full photoshoot of T-ara's Hyomin could be seen in 62nd edition of 'High Cut'. *** Source: Nate Translated by: dianapetrina @ Diadem
  8. [11.08.26] T-ara's Roly-Poly put IU's Good Day aside with $2 million USD in sales Roly Poly records $2 million USD in sales. Girl group T-ara has achieved the highest sales for this year. T-ara's mini-album 'John Travolta Wannabe' was released on July and drew interest of everyone in country. They recorded $2 million USD in sales, which brings the song to the top of this year. Before 'Roly-Poly', the record was set by IU's 'Good Day' with $1.3 million USD in sales. A representative from T-ara's agency revealed, "T-ara's Roly-Poly has been on top for 10 weeks, and surpassed $2 million USD in sales." According to Core Contents Media, T-ara's (Hyomin Jiyeon Eunjung Soyeon Hwayoung Boram Qri) 'Roly-Poly' has an average of $30,000 in daily sales. It's confirmed that the song is the top digital hit song of the year. "On August 1st, in one day alone, 'Roly-Poly' recorded $200,000 USD in sales and become the top sales of a digital hit song. The average of a hit album sales in Korea is around $300,000 USD, so they has definitely set a record that is hard to achieve. Meanwhile, T-ara will be ending their 'Roly-Poly' promotion this week. 'Roly-Poly' has been on top in digital sales, MV, and music charts after the album was released. For their goodbye stage, each of the members will be showing their charms as a reply for their fans' love. T-ara revealed, "We have been promoting 'Roly-Poly' for 2 months, and we are thankful for all the love from our fans. Especially to our fans in their 40-60s. We're happy that we could bring up their memories from the old days." Meanwhile, T-ara is currently preparing for their Japan debut on 2nd September. They're currently on transformation to a perfect image for their fans. *** Source: Newsen Translated by: dianapetrina @ Diadem
  9. [11.08.11] Getamped Revolution, Sweet and Bloody T-ara is coming Windy Soft ( Representative: Baek ChilHyun, http://www.windysoft.net ) revealed the items of girl group T-ara who were chosen as their promotion model. It was revealed through a content update that is currently going in extreme action-code 'Getamped Revolution'.'Getamped Revolution' chose a stage concept of popular girl group T-ara which is a cat concept. With that motive, they designed a newly updated 'Dancing Cats-T-ara'. It's a rear accessory that you could receive if you purchase the Premium T-ara Box. 'Dancing Cats-T-ara' could show a cute attack with the exciting T-ara's choreography and fantastic stage. You can also get a 'T-ara Emblem' that cost GM (game money) 1.5 bae, PTS 1.3 bae. Eunjung, Hwayoung, and Hyomin's skin, T-ara balloon that could burst if you throw it, and another set items for each members. 'Getamped' showed a throughout update with T-ara. And to celebrate their T-ara update, they made some characters according to T-ara members and it's user-controlled. 'T-ara Survival: Would you like to have a battle once with T-ara?' The promotion will start on 11th August. You can choose a member that you want to have as your girlfriend, then upload your own photo. Edit your photo together with one of the member and write 'My girlfriend is T-ara'. Register in the portal site for the event with T-ara video and your edited photo, also don't forget to leave your address. Winners will be chosen through a drawing and will win a T-ara accessories/item, and a 'Getamped' t-shirt with handwritten autographs of the girls. A representative from Windy Soft Getamped, Kim Eunji spoke out, "Not only seeing T-ara, but they can try to control the girls by themselves. We hope that people will enjoy our concept of promotion especially in the Photo Event. Through this, we also look forward to the support for T-ara's rear accessories (Dancing Cats), skin, emotion, and other various updates." You can find more information about 'Getamped Revolution' in their official website. ( http://getamped.windyzone.com ) *** Source: T-arafan.com Translated by: dianapetrina @ Diadem
  10. T-ara's Hyomin, Challenge on Horror Movie. A clash with Eunjung. T-ara's Hyomin started her screen challenge with a casting from a horror movie. According to the agency, the horror movie will be out on August with the title 'Gisaeng Ryung'. She will act as a cheerful high schooler who have the key of all problems in the movie. That's how she will debut as a movie actor. T-ara member called Eunjung also acted in a horror movie called 'White' and will be out on June. Their agency expected that there will be a clash in the screen between 'White' and 'Gisaeng Ryung'. 'Gisaeng Ryung' is a movie about someone who died unjustly, and her/his soul entered another body. Another content of the movie is terrible murder cases. Director of this movie is Yang Yunho who also directed some other movies like 'Grand Prix', 'Mask', 'Holiday', 'Wind's Fighter', etc. Hyomin who is currently attending Department of Performing Arts at Sungkyunkwan University showed her acting as a cheerful high schooler in a successful drama 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho'. *** Source: Nate Written by: dianapetrina @ Diadem
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