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  1. I really don't understand people who are asking if what KKS said is true or not. Even if KKS didn't really know who the poster really is we could all guess it must been some anti teenager. Who would believe a story like that in the first place? Jiyeon smoke, go to the club, and throwing shoes around. Those are just some stupid made-up anti massage anyone could have post with out any evidence. So what is the problem if the company would just denied the fcuking post with out any evidence neither All i can say is that i will always support T-ara no matter what is the outcome as long as they makes good songs And I hope all fellow diadem members would do the same. Cheer!!
  2. The song is pretty good but it's totally not what I expected. I am sure it will grow on me even more when the better one is out but I wonder how this kind of slow-mid tempo song would do on chart Too bad the first song isn't also t-ara's.
  3. I don't think any member is lazy. It just the their recent interview asking for vacation pissed KKS off. Remember what he said about Kara when they have a problem with DSP? I really think KKS true intention is to keep the member obey his command. He is so pissed off when ever the singer starting to disobey Damn that old man
  4. It is nice to read this. Thanks for translating
  5. Oh please, my internet is kinda slow so using topic like this is killing me I am so glad not thing really scandalous happen
  6. Maybe the Engine broke because they are overload with works. Jiyeon really has a lot of work and she can't continue like this forever. Core content should share the work to other members as well. And T-ara is a plane with 7 engines not 2. Whenever one of them has a problem the others will be there supporting them ,and keep T-ara move on to their goal. Just my opinion Anyway T-ara fighting!
  7. I have read this before at allkpop. At first, I am a bit worried of what will happen if they continuously have this kind of schedule. Remember about Jiyeon post on the internet saying she is so tried and all? What if that kind of things happen again? However, I think I might be too exaggerate.
  8. I don't really mind about plastic surgery. The only important thing is that you are beautiful, not how you became beautiful. And I don't care much about their look anyway. LOL However, I can't help wondering who is the 'some of us' that have been through plastic surgery. I am just curious
  9. Yeah I have watched it. They did really well. Nice to see them perform together.
  10. Politic!? Is this for real? What are they doing there? I mean no offense to T-ara, but wondering how are they going to assist and advise a senator This would be a very interesting job for sure
  11. Eunjung cried badly. She seem really sad. I wouldn't downloading this episode, cause I will be crying too Looking forward for the next job (There will be one, right?)
  12. Well, at first Hyomin was the member that I like the least But after seeing 600th kigayo and this..... I cahnged my mind LOL She is getting cuter and cuter over time
  13. Boram really likes to stand when she take picture with the other. LOL
  14. They always do. The food became cold and lose it taste.
  15. Why am l not surprise? It is definitely their crew fault. I don't really get why the staff want t-ara to wear the short shorts so much. Never mind, as long as the performance is nice, I am satisfied
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