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  1. oppa!..ur a filipino too!! XD

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  3. hi, this might be really random but could help noticing that missA min tweeted you back WOWW !! how did that happen ?

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  5. After power-vocal group 'SeeYa' said their final goodbyes to their fans on the January 30th episode of SBS' Inkigayo, many stars have finally said their goodbyes, as it was a good run for the group. But Hyomin will seem to be a fan of them till the end. On her twitter, Hyomin posted, "See You always, See You again. I am still a fan of my Unnies." which touched the hearts of many. She added, "I will continue cheering for you! SeeYa fighting!" ~~~ Cr: Newsen Written By: Park Arum Translation By: *YANiPOPO* @tiaradiadem.com
  6. [EVENT] T-ara at 16th annual Coca-Cola Sports Awards (01/28) For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiad...album&album=930 For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiad...album&album=930 Download this Photo Set RAR: http://www.mediafire...3vlbar8u8dn308b CREDIT: nate + spdstudio + *YANiPOPO* + xxxiang + tiaradiadem.com
  7. Hello! I updated the top post with the reason as to why their outfits kept falling off ^^
  8. On January 27, Coca-Cola held it's annual Sports Award for the 16th year running. The event was filled with athletes that have made a mark in the sports scene. But the performers in the event, T-ara, seemed to have made a mark worthy of praise from everyone. In the event, T-ara came to entertain the atheletes there. They performed their hit songs like 'Bo Peep Bo Peep' and 'Why Are You Like This?'. They came with 2-less members as Hyomin and Jiyeon were out for their own schedules. But what really got the attention of the people was not the missing members, but the wardrobe malfunctions that the members faced. In the video(by TV Report) of their performance, T-ara were constantly seen handling their dresses that seem to be falling off. Without proper handling, this would have been an easy target for netizens to make fun of. Yet, the girls seemed calm and professional, exactly knowing what to do. Though evident, their actions went well with the dance, by putting their hands on top of their chest, slowly pulling up the outfits. Leader Boram even consciously zipped her jacket up to protect from further accidents. New addition Hwayoung also experienced it, as she was swiftly pulling her dress up. Eunjung's outfit was constantly falling off of her aswell, but she was making sure that nothing extreme will happen. Last month, lead vocalist Soyeon experienced this aswell, as her zipper for her outfit couldnt close because of her microphone. Putting this into consideration, Soyeon thought of how to hide the unzipped back while still giving a great performance. *Why were their outfits falling? Well even if they were basically wearing the same outfits, the difference is that they usually wear a mic reciever that is bulky, that's why on shows this doesnt happen. But for this performance, they had no mic recievers, thats why their top was loose. The video of the said performance can be viewed here, c/o Tiara7tastic from youtube = ~~~ Cr: TVREPORT.CO.KR + Tiara7Tastic @ Youtube.com Translation By: *YANiPOPO* @ Tiaradiadem.com
  9. A headband causes the Park Jiyeon-Kim Taehee comparison to be discussed again. On online boards, members are talking about how an almost identical knitted headband that Kim Taehee worn has also been worn by Jiyeon. In the drama where Kim Taehee stars in(My Princess), Taehee wore a knitted headband that matched her outfit. A netizen has quickly reacted by posting an image of Jiyeon wearing an almost identical headband. Netizens comment, "Sometimes it's hard to distinguish who is who!" and "The headband compliments their looks. They are both beautiful" ~~~ Cr: Newsen Written By: Lee Sooyeon Translation By: *YANiPOPO* @ Tiaradiadem.com
  10. (T-ARA IS THE 7TH PLANE) A picture comparison of female idol groups has recently been spreading like wildfire across Korean message boards. The picture is comprised of planes labeled with female idol groups. It shows how netizens think of what a member is doing for the group. T-ara's plane comparison shows a plane with a combusted engine while the other one is working fine. They are labeled with Park Jiyeon with the burning engine, and Ham Eunjung with the working one. Netizens explain that Jiyeon is like a broken engine that is hindering T-ara to fly higher. While Eunjung is the engine that is trying to make T-ara fly higher. But since one engine is working, Netizens say T-ara has crashed all because of the Jiyeon engine. ~~~ Source: TVdaily Written By: == Translation By: *YANiPOPO* @tiaradiadem.com
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