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  1. Woah..this is going to be exciting..wait it will be tomorrow,right?..T-ara is party rockin!!
  2. woah..May they find the best flower boy them...i want to watch it!♥
  3. In rolypoly perfs hyomin produce absences now in cry cry perfs eunjungie...
  4. They are so pretty with their winter clothes especially boram because of her coat..♥
  5. Good eve..seems everyone is busy

  6. Waah!! need to go there !! I want to take also pics!! waah!! Proud to be fan of t-ara here in the Philippines!!
  7. YEAH! I've seen it in our malls here and thought I was dreaming..no i wasn't..Im so regretful why i didn't accept the membership..♥
  8. Kpop fever in Hongkong woah!! and so the whole page of the paper is for t-ara...T-ara hwaiting!
  9. I love those clothes it is kinda bo peep (leopard skin ) and cry cry ( maroon coat) theme... thnks for sharing♥
  10. Woah a game again!? Cool! but still only available in korea...waah so bad
  11. oooh nice!! I really like the first pic!!
  12. Disco Diva , Disco Glam oohh t-ara really suit to that names♥
  13. So, 17 min every part? or 17 min total for the four parts? woah...it's like they made a movie...♥
  14. HyoYoung,HyoHwa,Hwamin.. :)

  15. lovey-dovey-dovey..oh oh oh

  16. The guy looks familiar to me..but still Eunjung Hwaiting!! can't wait also to see the movie!
  17. I think it's limited stock only if it is in package.... Woah..this couldn't be happening!! How can i get a photobook if millions of fans is also dying looking for it!
  18. They strike a simple but it's like ...still look elegant..wooaaah..
  19. still i miss hwayoung's long hair...congrats for their successful debut!
  20. Last month of d year is here...woah!! need to update

  21. WOAH... T-ara fan's dream will soon be come true!!...t-ara hwaiting!
  22. ohhh..anlayo samin ..by the way taga Cavite po ako..:)

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