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  1. My diadem account calls me #TeamTara #SOOMPIAWARDS2015

  2. 3 minutes ? sbs why???????

  3. rambo granny and grandpa park welcoming 2016 with t-ara in a concert , lucky fans
  4. wow really !? looking forward for this I miss watching this show feat. t-ara
  5. They are really fit to cover fashion magazines looking forward for more mag cover
  6. Thank You for sharing these photos , they are all gorgeous !!
  7. they are all gorgeous... I'll be waiting till tomorrow for their comeback .. #T-araNumber9 T-ara Fighting!
  8. Shinsandong Tiger is one of the composer of number 9 ... this is great , it will be a great hit ... Can't wait for the come back
  9. these girls are so adorable ... still im so excited for their comeback ... thanks for sharing
  10. QRI is so alive here .. I hope she will be always in Good Vibes :DD so excited for the comeback thanks for sharing
  11. Hyomin *shocked .. ahaha so cute ...that's good , they are having fun before their comeback ... thanks for sharing
  12. She's so gorgeous in the first pic ... her forehead is so flawless >< ... looking forward for her more hyomstagram posts!! Thanks :DD
  13. I just watched fancams from recently budokan concert .. and it was great :DD

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