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  1. in Antipolo,Rizal..yes i'm really 12!..i'm so young right?..everyone can't believe that i was only 12 they say i was too young!!..kyahh ^__^

  2. sorry oppa!!...btw where you in philippines?..

  3. unnie your from philippines too!!!o__0 btw have a nice day!!^^

  4. Color games? The one we see during fiestas with the three balls?

  5. Lol.No. Color games :P It was scary :P but i didn't saw any guns. bwahaha ~

  6. Cool~ Anong raid? Raid ba ng pirated dvds? hehe

  7. Haha me too :P omo ~ share ko lang ... i just witnessed a raid just a while ago >.< lol sensya naman :P

  8. I'm fine. How are you? How's the weather there? Mabuhay! Hehe, la na ako masabi eh.

  9. Hmm .. idk what to say :P How are you? Anyway, thanks for adding me :D

  10. Cool. Could you help out with typesetting Hello Baby ep 1?

  11. lol isn't that why I'm a subber? o-o

  12. Please help out with our subbing projects if you can. Thanks.

  13. Yeah, didnt know where to start exactly ^^;

    I posted in the HB thread, hopefuly I become a bit more helpfull from now on ^^

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