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  1. http://www.facebook.com/QueensOfficialPH?ref=hl pki like nung page^O^ pki spread nrin ung oath^O^ gumawo
  2. Hi sorry if late. Hindi na kasi masyadong nakakapag-spazz masyado. Btw, belated Merry Christmas and Happy New year. HAHA, at least abot sa Lunar New Year. HAHA. Btw, I'm from Laguna, pero almost every week kami nasa Muntinlupa. Haha, ikaw po? Giving out my number is kinda useless kasi I don't really use it :> Chat-chat or sa twitter nalang po :>

    1. tiara's muffin

      tiara's muffin

      ah^O^hehehe^O^ nka punta kba nung dec.30????

  3. advance merry christmas phil.diadem^O^

  4. Can i have your cp #? We can build a diadem clan on mobile, and update each other

  5. Ayos lng. . :) tiga san kba?

  6. Yes! Filipino Diadems are jjang, ne? HAHA ~ Syempre po, let's be friends ^^ Kamusta?

  7. hello poh^O^ filipino k right??? pwede poh b taung mging friends...????? plz post comment on my profile. . tnx^O^ (GO PHIL. DIADEMS^O^)

  8. That's good xD Pasensya medyo late reply...di na kasi ako ganun kaactive dito eh ;P

  9. YEHEY! So makakapagtagalog ako dito. :) Hello~~

  10. Hi ~ Yes po. I'm a Filipino too ^^ Nice to meet you ^^

  11. hello po, filipino rin po kayo right? :)

  12. OMO!! I was like browsing my facebook and saw the news. This IS really exciting!! Now... who would be her husband >.< heeee ~
  13. Exams are coming fast. Graduation ... here I come! <3

  14. Omo ~ naughty Eunjung >.< Why change so fast? Lol.Jaw-dropping pics you have there...
  15. Entrance exam tom! I hope I could pass, I really want to enter this college. Anyway, I failed in my first choice :P

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