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  1. thanks for this update.. i know its old.. but appreciate it.. thanks again
  2. waaa i cant wait to watch this.. looks like she got a good character..
  3. The the copy for the conversation is really good evidence..when the time like this happen.. when t-ara have already move on.. why did they bothered talk about this again? Lets say the mc ask.. in every program.. the must give the question before interview.. why cant she denied to answer that question.. for 5 years..t-ara trying to protect her.. she got to starring in drama and so on.. what if they told the truth 5 years ago? Where do you think hwayoung will be? Hwayoung really doing bad move.. really...she just need to let go. Now its her own fault..im sorry but she deserved it..
  4. For question no 3. She really can just perform while sitting right? Why didnt she? At least they dont need to cover her part.. instead she want to do her nail. She can go to rehearsal and sing her own part.. why she didnt do that.. theres many other idol can do that.. why cant she?
  5. that was the cutest thing on earth hehe.. its a good job actually.. its like problem solved games.. i am into that kind of games and then t-ara was in it.. its amazing. i love it. and at the end everybody except boram was like "cake again??" hahaha i love it thanks for this.. i just dont have any idea to gave but u can actually make more game like this but with another storyline..hehe like 'mavin is missing' like in the hello baby tv show.. or qri unnie's socks goes missing haha (u know what i mean rite??kekeke) something like that... lastly..good job..keep doing amazing things like these hehe
  6. Omg..!! I didnt expect this at all..but im really happy for her... That guy seems loyal.. He been cast in latest episode of happy together..hehehe im happy... Waiting for other t-ara member reveal their boyfriend.. Hehe
  7. Burned by Love Chapter 26http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/13814-pg-13-burned-by-love/page__st__280__gopid__390648#entry390648

  8. I think kks did a good job keeping his word... He said before that he will kick out problematic members... And he did it... Dont blame kks... Blame the problematic member...in almost case like this... Group member will not say anything... It their CEO will do the talk..
  9. whats this rubbish... i dont believe it even for a second... seriously this is too much...
  10. i know rite...??? this article is well said~ its feel good when reading this...
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