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  1. I know they will do an amaizing job with this song, I will waiting for it ! T-ara fighting ♥
  2. I love the way she answered , i think she was very intelligent and that was awsome , She's the best :3 ~ Thanks for the interview (:
  3. LOOL! I love the way Eunjung sleeps xDDD , Qri sleeps like a mom(?) Thanks for the photos (:
  4. They look so pretty ;O; !!! Soyeon looks like a beatiful doll ! Thanks for sharing
  5. Im so bad at dancing that i don't really think I will learn the dance , but maybe with T-ara as teachers I learn something(?) LOL! Thanks for the translation~
  6. I prefer her to rest than be praised for her profesionalism really u________u , I hope she get more rest and...fighting♥ Thanks for the translation~
  7. I think its gonna be awsome *OOO* !!! Im waiting for it, only a few more hours alkjsdak Thanks for the trasnlation (:
  8. I wish you the best with you're movie Hyomin (: Fightiiing~
  9. I think Boram will be a good leader ^^, and of course i wish the best to Qri unnie, you will become a great actress*O* ♥
  10. sweting or not i still love her (?) xDD Jiyeon i think you made company to Eunjeun unnie then xD
  11. OMG! im so exciteeed !! I wanta to see that now ! asdasda i love her ♥
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