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  1. hello there! nice to meet you(:

  2. [11.07.24] Hyomin, "After Jiyeon and Eunjung, I didn't want to miss the opportunity" - Did the company propose the role in 'Gisaeng Ryung' to you alone, or was it also suggested to the other members. ▶ It was known to the T-ara members that there was a scenario like this. At first, the role wasn't very big. I thought it would be a character that I would be able to do without any burden. - This may be an uncomfortable question but if Jiyeon and Eunjung didn't have any other schedules, would they have been able to appear in 'Gisaeng Ryung'. ▶ I think the opportunity came and I grabbed it. I wanted to continue acting. My major in college is even acting. (Sungkyunkwan University - Performing Arts) I wanted to do musicals even from way before and then I got the chance to debut as a singer and started activities as part of T-ara. Kim Kwangsoo CEO gives chances in order. It was just that Jiyeon and Eunjung were the first to be given them. That way there's less to worry about and less overlapping. - Isn't it important to grab the opportunity when it comes. ▶ I've been in the position of waiting, and I've also been in the position where my turn came. I worked even harder thinking when will another opportunity come if I miss this chance. I don't consider it something that came to me easily. I also don't think it's an opportunity that necessarily came to me because they wanted me. I never want to think too highly of myself. - This question was also asked to Nam Gyuri who switched over to another company and became a acting-dol. One day you'll have to decide which path you want to take whether it's acting and singing, being a broadcaster, or leaving the entertainment scene. What do you think is more important in regards to the future between acting and singing. ▶ I'm not exactly sure. Right now, T-ara comes before anything else. - 'Gisaeng Ryung' has really tight schedules lately. We heard that you fainted a few days ago while having to juggle between T-ara's schedules and 'Gyebaek' schedules too. ▶ I expected it but once it came, it wasn't easy. I wanted to do good at this and I wanted to do good at that but I was short on time and that was really disappointing for me. But still, I'm thankful to the director and staff members that cheered me on a lot at the filmset. Going "Hyomin jjang". That kind of support helped me a lot. - Core Contents Media made a big hit with 'Death Bell' during the time when Korean horror movies were failing. 'Gisaeng Ryung' is another production. Naturally, there'll be comparisons. ▶ When I first received the script, I thought it was cliche. All of the members got together and monitored the scenario and gave their suggestions. It was the same case for 'Death Bell'. Suggestions were taken into consideration, because the director took those in, it became the version it is right now. It might have been easy to be misunderstood for arrogance but I think it was looked at as being passionate. 'Gisaeng Ryung' is a horror movie where you can see the characters change. Even if it's compared, I'm confident. - Working hard and doing well are two different things. ▶ I want to be a character that's remembered. I know I have to work hard in order to receive that much interest. Rather than being concerned over success, I think it's more important to feel confident about acting out your part well. 'Gyebaek' is a drama with a lot to think about. At first I had the role of Gyebaek's wife but I'm not sure now. I think I have to go with a more gentle character. - Eunjung's 'White: Curse of the Melody' was shown in theaters first. The comparisons will be unavoidable. ▶ I usually watch horror movies well. 'White' was a really well-made horror movie. If 'White' had that horror effect then 'Gisaeng Ryung' is a horror movie that target the audience with emotions. *** Source: http://star.mt.co.kr...&outlink=2 Translated by: maknaes. @ tiaradiadem --- ... the questions they asked lol
  3. Are you in Korea? I just moved to Seoul. I wonder how many other people live here.

  4. [11.07.06] T-ara's Japanese showcase full press conference Q&A Q & A -How are the responses to 'Roly Poly' from Japanese and Korean fans? "It hasn't been that long since we've had our comeback so we're not too sure about that but a lot of the elders seem to like it a lot because of that nostalgic feeling. I think we'll be able to find out what the responses are like through this showcase in Japan." -Your feelings wearing retro outfits for this concept? "We learned a lot and it was fun. Just because it's retro doesn't necessarily mean that it's bad. At that time too there were a lot ways to compliment your body type with what you wore. We did that this time around too. The interesting thing is that each of us seemed like our mothers as we wore those outfits." -What sets you apart from the other girl groups that have already entered the Japanese market? "Rather than that, we learned a lot from them, they're all groups we're close with so we received a lot of help too. We're planning on actively promoting not only with music but in a variety of areas like in films and dramas. All of the members are currently studying Japanese." -The result after meeting with the Japanese press? "They said they were looking forward to our future activities and have big expectations with 'Bo Peep Bo Peep' especially. We were thankful they danced along to our songs and studied Korean as well." -Any advice given from your Japanese management? "They told us to work hard at studying Japanese so we can also appear in dramas and varieties in the future. They're anticipating a lot from 'Roly Poly' in particular." -Were there any episodes while learning the dance for 'Roly Poly'? "Our dance instructor and our CEO Kim Kwangsoo personally taught us the steps. Whether it was because he was tired out but practices were always short but cruel. Our CEO used to be a former member of the dance team 'Partners' in the past. There was even a dance battle between the two of them on the spot because of that. We finally got to see our CEO's dance skills. It was above our expectations." -Your thoughts on Japanese girl groups? "The way Japanese girl groups actively promote in various fields is similar to T-ara. We think that Korean girl groups are strong at showing their musicality with their music and dance. We'll work hard to show both of those strengths." -Do you have a goal while in Japan? "Among the groups we like there's one called SMAP, I think they're a good group to be like. They work hard to reach the top in a lot of areas without losing focus on their music." -How many Japanese songs do you have prepared? "We've already recorded the song we'll debut with in Japanese." -Among the members, who is the best at Japanese? "Everyone is studying but Qri and Hyomin are a little better at it." -How do you feel with the showcase a day ahead of you? "We're busy trying to memorize Japanese words(laughs). It's starting to hit us now that we came to the venue. It's very exciting." -Do you have any plans to promote overseas besides Japan? "We've been to Thailand and Singapore before, there was a good response so if the opportunity arises we want to try going there as well. Whichever country we go to, as long as there's one fan, we're thankful." -There's been an increase of girl groups in the nation lately? "We worried a lot about this comeback. There's been a lot of great songs out there and so many pretty people around us. We worked hard to bring out our strengths through this retro-themed concept." -How did you all prepare in order to effectively give that retro feel of 'Roly Poly'? "(Soyeon) A lot of people have asked me if I was actually a 68'er, I'm not really sure why I know so much about those things either. When I think about it, it must feel natural to me because I grew up as if I was my mother and aunt's friend. Preparing for this concept was strangely easy. On top of that, the acting in the music video was 100% adlibs, I'm not sure why I know so well about those things, but it was fun." "(Eunjung) I tried acting as if I was my mother. My mother still remembers her past well. I used my mother's memories for reference." "(Jiyeon) Our CEO looked up videos like 'Saturday Night Fever', 'Grease' to show us. It helped a lot." -The acting in the music video was great? "100% of it were adlibs and there weren't any set characters. It felt like we chewed a whole pack of gum during the filming. After we finished, our jaws started hurting." -Future activities plans for each of the members? "Our main priority will be our Japanese promotions after our Korean comeback. There'll be future activities from the members so please look forward to it. There isn't a division between the members that have acted and those that haven't, the rest are also waiting for their turn. It actually becomes a great amount of help to us as we can learn from each other. If you continue to support us, we'll do our best to prepare." -Hyomin has been coming out on varieties less lately? "I haven't been able to due to comeback preparations and movie filming. As soon as we return to Korea, we'll be appearing on 'Sebakwi'." -What do you hope to rank on the Oricon chart when you make your first step into Japanese market? "They always say to dream big so we want to aim for first." -Were there any burdens when the leader was changed with the Japanese debut ahead? "(Hyomin) It was of course a huge burden. Our CEO was giving me pressure too, 'after watching Eunjung and Boram as leader, I think you can work harder and do well.' I think it's good because it seems like a fair system where each member gets an opportunity. I think it'll put a sense of responsibility on all the members individually." -The burdens of the members acting? "(Hyomin) When acting, I worry the most about acting controversies that will come up because we're idols. It causes me to pay more attention and practice more. I think that's also why Eunjung and Jiyeon haven't heard things like that. I'm thankful as the one that's up next. It was less burdening because it felt like T-ara has shown to the public the level of our acting." "(Soyeon) Although T-ara was created to be a group that would target all kinds of different areas, we'll work hard without leaving behind our name T-ara and our music." "(Eunjung) Not only as actresses and artists, our biggest dream is for all of us to be remembered as multi-entertainers." -It's been pointed out that this album has similarities with the movie 'Sunny'? "The concept we thought of and 'Sunny' luckily matched well. We're thankful the theme has been the topic of discussion once again due to the great success of the movie. It was such a fun and great movie, all of the members watched it well. Our 'bokgo' consists of both the East and the West." -To Eunjung, how is your relationship with your husband on 'We Got Married'? "Honestly, we've only met around five times. I think we need to see each other more to get closer. 'Janggoon nim' does natural skinship. Seeing as how our manager isn't there on the set, he does whatever he wants like that. I can't turn it down(laughs)." *** Source: http://joynews.inews...1&g_menu=700300 Translated by: maknaes. @ tiaradiadem
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  6. happy birthday unnie!^^..

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  9. Hello ! i love Park Ji Yeon so much !! i wish t-ara have a concert in phil. :(

  10. T-ara signs 4.7 billion won exclusive contract with J-ROCK The highest out of all Korean girl groups T-ara is planning on making their Japanese debut having signed with J-ROCK for an impressive exclusive contract worth 350 million yen (4.7 billion won, 4.3 million USD). T-ara's company revealed to the press on June 7th, "T-ara's major record label in Japan will be ToshibaEMI while the management and marketing is responsible by Smile Company, affiliated with Johnny's Entertainment. J-ROCK also has plans of pursuing them as multi-entertainments together in Korea as well, with T-ara tackling dramas, MCing, singing, movies, etc." T-ara is planned to be having a showcase at SHIBUYA-AX in Tokyo (with approximately 2,500 seats) on July 5th. Ticket registrations for the showcase are free and begin on June 8 through June 27. On that day it is expected for Japanese reporters and more than 100 broadcasting companies to cover the event. T-ara debuted in July 2009 with 'Lies', receiving the love of the public with hit songs such as 'Bo Peep Bo Peep', 'I Go Crazy Because of You', 'Like the Beginning', 'Why Are You Being Like This', 'yayaya'. Also with their stylish and energetic charms, they have managed to extend out to different areas with appearances in CFs, dramas, movies, varieties, and etc. Meanwhile, T-ara is busily preparing for their Japan showcase. *** Source: http://www.newsen.co...106071058151002 Translations: maknaes. @ tiaradiadem
  11. 'Miss Ripley' T-ara's Jiyeon's skilled Japanese catches attention T-ara's Jiyeon displayed her excellent Japanese skills. On the MBC Mon-Tues drama 'Miss Ripley' episode aired on the 6th, Jiyeon came out as the daughter of the Japanese prime minister. In the episode, she arrives in Korea but disappears into the hotel. Jang Miri (Lee Dahae's role) then roams around to find the daughter, having to solve the problem by going off to persuade her in person. Including Jiyeon and Lee Dahae's simple Japanese conversation, Jiyeon showed her command of the Japanese language during the formal meeting as well with her lines "Hello. My greetings were late. I'm the prime minister's daughter, Yoowu. I think of it to be an honor to be invited like this to a Korea-Japan Cultural Exchange 13th anniversary charity event". Jiyeon had also left a strong impression on the viewers with her acting as a homosexual. She earned praise for her acting for not looking awkward when she kissed her lover on the cheek in a friendly manner. Viewers left comments such as "She seems to have studied Japanese", "The Japanese pronunciation wasn't awkward at all", "It must have not been easy for an idol to act as a homosexual but it looked natural". *** Source: http://www.mydaily.c...57361115&ext=da Translations: maknaes. @ tiaradiadem
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  14. I wonder which ep she'll be in.. the first? 8D def watching
  15. T-ara, exclusive interview with Taiwan's Channel V 'Plans of a new Hallyu-dol' Taiwan star TV, Channel V's special interview with girl group T-ara took place at TV Daily. On the 20th at 3:30PM, T-ara's interview with Channel V took place at Seoul Gangnam District Nonhyundong at the office of TV Daily. Due to Channel V's request to hold the interview, leading reporter Ken personally traveled to Korea in order to make this interview possible. On this day T-ara said, "We still haven't had the chance to greet our Taiwanese fans, but there are a number of ways we can communicate with them, such as twitter. We're aware that we have a fanclub there, which we were really happy about. We will come meet with you soon", passing on their greetings to their overseas fans. They then talked about their dorm life and the acting activities of the members. Despite the fact that T-ara has yet to promote overseas, reporter Ken was able to feel the popularity of T-ara and the Hallyu wave, being well aware of their status in Korea, including Eunjung's appearances in MBC's 'We Got Married' and the horror movie 'White: Curse of the Melody'. Soyeon also gave a simple greeting message in Chinese, not forgetting about fan service. Meanwhile, T-ara is currently preparing for their new album as well as studying foreign languages for advancements into China, Taiwan, and Japan. * Source: http://news.nate.com.../20110520n25875 Translations: maknaes. @ tiaradiadem * T/N: This can be a bit misleading, but the girls most likely just said they were studying foreign languages. It doesn't mean that anything is confirmed about their overseas promotions in those countries just yet.
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