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  1. I really like how they donate when it's not just a fad. I feel like all the ALS stuff is wonderful but the really amazing volunteers/donors are the ones that continue to help even it's not the "popular" charity.
  2. Yay! I wonder how much of that $5 million goes to the members though... =T
  3. Rambo seems to have lost so much weight. I hope she stays healthy!
  4. The link is down! Does anyone have another source for the picture? Curses...
  5. Well, I felt that they should have at least mentioned that it was a remake and shown like a 2 second clip of the original. It's good, at least, that she got permission to make her version though!
  6. hopefully dream high will get even better and will become more popular!
  7. Haha the girls can't fool me! I know jiyeon+seung-ho and hyomin+lee joon are already dating!
  8. Sometimes the fans of male idol groups are a little crazy! Hyomin and seungri are probably friends...
  9. hmmm...for some reason, i don't really like how hwayoung looks.
  10. the top 2 are both part of G7! i wonder if the people taking the survey are fans of invincible youth...
  11. The netizens are crazy with power. They spread hurtful rumors for fun.
  12. The sad thing is that the idols get paid such a small fraction of what the managing companies make from all of these shows!
  13. it's all the bulldog's fault! i don't know why he had a grudge against hyomin.
  14. I think it's a pretty good market for kpop in japan right now but who knows?
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