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  1. I want that bracelet..give me one...but im not korean....so sad:-(
  2. hyoyoung!!!im falling in love with you!!!!!!!

  3. hyoyoung!!!im falling in love with you!!!!!!!

  4. hwayoungie!!!!!miss u!!!!

  5. galaxy tab 2 7.0!!!!

  6. omg o_O warning post..

  7. beautiful soyeon!! really can't wait to see this drama.. >_<
  8. t-ara malaysia showcase!!! i want to go!!seriously!!

  9. is it the same choreo as the leak version??or they change it??? aww..my baby dino jiyeon so hot in the mv..so of course she mor sexy in this dance ver.. maybe this dance is 18+ dance ver??hahahahah
  10. they deserve it!!!!really proud to be QUEENS!!! can't wait for their live performance...>_<
  11. my baby dino filming for running man!!! really can't wait to see it..hope jiyeon wil win..
  12. jiyeon so cute!!!!! i'm dying..someone help me.. i want this magazine!!
  13. this make me feel so proud being QUUENS!!! i want to join that club too..
  14. really can't wait for this mv.... and hyomin as the main character here..can't wait..can't wait!!!
  15. hyomin,soyeon and this eunjung??... really cant wait to see this drama... eunjung as a main character here???kyaa..i'm so happy!! how about jiyeon??
  16. finally i can see soyeon as an actress...so many drama i want to watch..and now i'm watching "big" at KBS world.. i can't wait to tell to my friend..
  17. jiyeon so sexy!!! and i can see her tatoo..gosh... really love her blonde...i want that hair..
  18. why suddenly i feel like her face look a like jung sister+kang minkyung davichi+ a little bit dani face... and mix mix mix then become her face..^^ any one agree with me??
  19. just wait la~dani...you need more practice...and you will be a part of t-ara... only 5 month..just practise t-ara choreography...
  20. haishh...why must dani??

  21. haishh...why must dani??

  22. omo..omo..jiyeon with blonde....0_o she so hot...really miss her with that "blonde" hair.... omg my nose..!!
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