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  1. i was shocked at first soyeon talk her voice different and ah its being dubbed. lol
  2. i bet it will be 3 new songs . 2 songs from laboon and the rest is from what do i do haha
  3. I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT T-ARA NO MATTER WHAAAAAAT !! Once T-ara said something like this , they'll never forget it and truly do it . this is why i love t-ara
  4. Hahahaha I knew it !! They're real.. Im happy for her but sad also bcs she have bf )
  5. Next Week will be Self cam . i'll always waiting for.. This episode is very nice about concert
  6. OH MY GOD !! SOYEON'S cam make a great 12mins ever !! she's so cute and adorable .. and the one who sitting beside her obviously boram Soyeon so Cute ! thanks for sharing thisss
  7. oh my god ! im dyingggg !! she's getting more and more beautiful
  8. my ULTIMATE BIAS soyeonnnn So preeeeettyyy !! oh my god she's so beautiful in here. sorry guys im just extremely excited the MV is good , Pure and soft. the song's very relaxing Soyeon Fighting! QBS Fighting !
  9. Soyeon Really2 lovely in this Album jackets. she's the Maknae !
  10. Ow Yeah ! T-ara Spread the Wings ! hope the collaboration will make something big for T-ara and us !
  11. okay.. so unprofessional. While Eunjung stay on her professionalism on her current condition about controversy. she came out at press con. facing cameras. reporters asking.. i hope five fingers will get their lowest rating bcs of this,
  12. whatss ! what again right now T_T she's about the main role.. ~_~
  13. seeing her like that. my heart ache.. aaapppooo.. Soyeon get well soon. hope nothing serious..
  14. whoo the outfit , they're so beautiful wear that at concert i really really miss T-ara T_T
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