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Status Updates posted by syilah

  1. thnk for add me!! happy new year!! >_<

  2. wa~~you got top shouter...congratulation!!!

  3. just buy it...watch it with ur family..can u add me on fb?? ^^~

  4. ahhh...the guy really lucky~~~do you have fb??

  5. yes i watch it until ep 7 and ep 8~~i can't remember..the genre of that drama is horror but it not creepy at all..did u watch the cut of gag concert that have jiyeon only??

  6. yes i see that...i found t-ara so funny in that cameo...yes it from death bell 2 pics..why?? she really gorgeous~~~

  7. yes..i liked it...i liked it more when t-ara have in that drama especially jiyeon..>_<

  8. i start become diadem when i watch god of study..i'm a hardcore fan of jiyeon..u??

  9. wa~~~nice to have friend same age with me+different country..

  10. oh...malay is nation..so that u must know what my religion...^^

  11. wow..wow...from malaysia????

  12. i add u already..my name is fiq jae..approve it ^^~

  13. thank u for add me...

  14. do u have twitter??or facebook..??

  15. nice to meet u too..

  16. i'm only 13 years old...what your name..??hehe

  17. my fb is fiq jae...actually it my sister fb..but she soid she dun want to use it..so she give me..^^~

  18. i think i found your blog at pjysubs..

  19. yes i'm malay..my name is syilah..i'm from seremban..do you have fb??i want to add u..

  20. which part of malaysia are u from??:)

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