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  1. Jiyeon is soo random in the last few seconds of the video :L adorable. Ahhh~ the girls look soo wonderful, can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the future
  2. Jiyeon's baddassss attitude right there hehehe, the concept is looking good, i think i'm getting used to the coloured hair
  3. the girls look great but their eye bags are pretty deep, hope they're getting enough sleep
  4. the girls look great, sporty and cute at the same time but in the second photo, Soyeon's face sorta looks squashed ...
  5. OMGG !!! Jihoon from Princess Hours, one of the best dramas ever mann and now he's in a drama with Eunjung, AHHHH CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE OFFICIAL
  6. the hair is definitely something that's going to take a while to get used too ...
  7. Jiyeon's eyes look massiveee ... i don't think they look like that normally, her eyes are pretty just the way the are naturally, it seems like its been edited Despite this, she still looks stunning, so do the other girls
  8. thanks for being born today JIYEOONNNN have a HBD

  9. Qri's hair looks different here ... maybe she's trying to pull off the blond hair but personally, its going to take some time for me to adjust, the other girls look great though
  10. saengil chuka hamnida! :))

  11. i don't think a 14 year old fits well into a group with members who are at least 5 years her senior, it will be awkward for her esp. since she is soo young, she should just enjoy her time being a kid, a life of an idol is hard ... its not a place 14 years olds should be
  12. what a dilemma, how am i meant to feel, ideally i guess all of us are meant to be supportive but i can't understand the need for new members, T-ara is perfect just the way they are i'm sorry but truthfully, right now i am not very happy
  13. woww, Qri looks flawless here and what ginormous eyes she has, absolutely stunning
  14. I'm happy because i love Jiyeon as an actress but confused since acting wasn't meant to be T-ara's forte this year, hopefully the girls won't exhaust themselves
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