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Status Updates posted by syilah

  1. wa...i'm 13 years old...since when u know jiyeon??and which part of malaysia u live??hehehe

  2. how old are you??may i know??

  3. i also...how old are you??chinese or malay??

  4. hai...jiyeon fans??where are you from??

  5. hey...hope you can update your fan fiction...really curious about the next chapter..^^

  6. lol...i forget to wish u heppy birthday..


  7. are you from seoul,korea??i wanna make friend with u,can??hehehe

  8. hai unnie..!!!!

  9. dah follow..but i don't know how to use that twitter.i just click follow...

  10. can i know what your twitter name...so i can follow you..:)

  11. i think this...Kikin_Ekyn

  12. i have twitter..i mean my sister twitter..

  13. no...i just have facebook..why??

  14. hai jiyeon lover!!!!

  15. hai..from malaysia right??which part of malaysia??

  16. oh...i forgot to wish you happy birthday...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!saengilchukahamida..:)

  17. wah...so lucky!!have u seen jiyeon before this..

    i mean face to face..(sorry bad english..i hope u understand)

  18. thank u for approve me..are u really from incheon south korea??

  19. negeri sembilan..^^

  20. why i so addicted to jiyeon???^^

    1. moshTara


      why am i too T_T <3

    2. EunNad


      because she cute and soooooo adorable,,:)

  21. thank for the add^^~..

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